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Duathlon advice

DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
Just wondered if anyone on here competes in duathlon?

Ive been injured from running since March and working a lot on the turbo. I've always retained some bike work as x training and have always been pretty bike fit from years of cycling to work and mountain biking and generally being fit from running. 

I move to v45 cat  in January and ive been looking at the results in that cat for those qualifying for GB age group. I am definitely equal to the lower qualifiers running wise and feel with focused training i could get my bike ability there too. 

Can anyone advise must have kit and anything else that help me along? Ive been told a road bike won't cut it and I'll need a tt bike. I am just trying to gauge what sort of outlay i need to make to have a serious crack at being competitive? 


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    I've done quite a few duathlons, and I qualified a couple of times, but the last time was back in 2011 I think.  It's not impossible to qualify on a well set up aero road bike, but a TT bike will be quicker on most of the courses they use.  

    Aside from the bike, you'll need tri shorts you can run and ride in.  You could use a tri suit but given that most duathlons are in the colder months you'll probably be in a long-sleeved top in any case.  Plus you'll need helmet, bike shoes, run shoes.  That's the minimum!

    Best bet is to do some with what you have, which will give you an idea of where the gains are to be made.  The first run tends to be crazy fast, and you can make or lose a lot of time on the second run, coming off the bike.  Brick sessions pay big benefits.
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    DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for your response. At present i have a 2013 trek madone bike so not full carbon. I've got spd shoes but they are pretty clumpy and old as well as a fairly standard cycling helmet as opposed anything special. 

    Seems a reasonable TT can be had on ebay for about 800. Been told the tt position itself takes some training to hold position for an hour. Ive got very good run shoes. 

    Looking at results the first run seems to be done pretty close to the standalone 10k race time then the second run much slower, about a minute or so slower than standalone 5k time. If that was case for me I'd run and transition in about an hour which would mean I'd need to bike in about 62 mins to sneak in so about 24mph. 

    It seems feasible for me to get my bike to that level with the right kit and dome bespoke training....i think. 
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    Don't knock SPDs, if they're the shoes with the cleats recessed into the sole.  Until you've mastered mounting the bike with the shoes already on the pedals (which can save time but can lose loads if you muck it up, believe me!), you'll be putting bike shoes on in transition.  You can actually run (sort of) out of transition in those shoes, unlike other road shoes.  If transition is in a large grassy field (often is) then that can actually save you time and avoid wet feet.

    An hour for the 15k total runs and transitions is a good benchmark in that AG, you'd be well up the field in 45-49 with that.
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    DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes they are much easier to move in that cleats from what I've seen.

    Well last 10k was 37.34 and i'm usually low 18s for a 5k so add a minute on each and 2 min transition (is that optimistic?) comes in at an hour.

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