Illiotibial band issues

Hi all
Ok so lightning fast or I'll get sacked!
I have had ITBS all my running life (over a decade) and since I got older etc... I seem to be suffering with it more and more. I have orthotics, I wear good shoes that match my feet, I'm not good with my stretching but that's on my list to work on.

All will be well, then one day I run up a slight incline and bam! I can't run and the quicker I try and return the quicker it comes back.

So this time I'm doing it right, I'm resting till there is nothing left of the pain, then resting a little more, then stretches.

My question is, I'm getting mixed messages re the recorvery period, as in, some places say do the stretches throughout, some say rest and do the stretches when recovered. I've been doing the stretches but I still feel the pain a little over the day; whereas if I don't stretch I find my knee doesn't bother me. So that suggests wait till recovered then stretch, but is that making me more susceptible to future issues?

I suppose what I'm asking is, oh wise and experienced runners, my ITBS is flaring up, what do I do for the next month? Do I sit still a few weeks then start stretching and gradual exercise, or do I rest up but stretch throughout, or do I walk more, or focus on upper body.

I've tried so many things over the years, short of a time machine to when I was younger and fitter, all suggestions welcomed!

Thanks all!


  • I feel your pain (literally) I started running at the end of last year. Never ran seriously before. Around april I was hitting 10 mile runs. I had a 3 week break and when I come back I have had issues on my left knee. Iv since found out it's an IT band issue. Iv been doing stretches and exercises iv found on youtube. Iv been trying to keep up running but keeping it light (3-4 miles) 

    I cant feel any difference. After 2 Miles I get a pulling tight sensation on the side of the knee. Then 3 miles + It starts to get painful.

    I'm getting frustrated. I stretch well before and after runs.

    My questions are exactly the same as yours! 

    It seems a common problem?
  • When I had IT I tried everything including foam roller .stretching etc. In the end the only thing that worked for me was going from a heal strike technique to a midfoot strike technique which completely cured it. That was purely by accident after I tried barefoot running for a while and had to adopt the latter technique.
  • I found that a couple of Kinesiology Tape techniques worked for me.. If you haven't already try searching YouTube, it has various methods..Good luck.
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