Daughter's Leg Injury - help!

Hi - My daughter (21) has an injury to her lower leg - muscle/tendon/ligament? She's had it for 9 months and doesn't know what caused it, although she'd recently done her longest run (~ 15k?). She's had several doctors appointments and physiotherapy sessions. It hasn't improved; recently it's got worse. She can't run. It hurts to walk. Some days are better than others. She's in pain all the time. She's now been told she can be referred to a specialist but the wait is 9-12 months. She's desperate, it's causing her great emotional stress; she says she can't live like this. We hate seeing her like this. Can anyone offer advice, encouragement?


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    I am sorry I can offer no help on the injury, however is there any way you can skip the NHS queue (assuming you are in the UK)? I know private consultations can be expensive, and not possible for all, but given a waiting list of a year could it be worth it?

    I was facing a waiting list of 34 weeks to see a cardiologist, privately I saw one in six days (and only waited that long because the one I wanted to see only worked two days a week).
  • Well, we've thought about it. It depends on the cost - I'll perhaps look into it.
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    It's hard to give any advice without knowing more about it unfortunately - is your daughter able to post to give any more details? How did it start, where exactly is it, what specific things make it worse, is there any movement she can do that doesn't cause any pain?

    Have the doctors /physios said what they think is wrong/given a diagnosis? Can't promise to know exactly what to do, but currently it's bit too vague to give any real advice, sorry
  • UPDATE - decided to go private. After an initial appointment - delayed for 4 weeks while the consultant was on holiday - and an MRI scan we now have a diagnosis - bone stress in both legs. She's been told to cease all activity (whatever that means) for 4 weeks initially. She's finding this really tough. I'd love to hear something encouraging from someone who's been through this or similar.
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    Not had bone stress but was told to stop running after major hip issues, which resulted in major reconstructive hip surgery. 

    It took a long time! Walking for 20 steps was the start point after surgery (with crutches). Now back running and qualified for the NY marathon in January. 

    I was back on a bike much quicker, and pool jogging was a major part of my life (five or six times a week).

    I did exactly what my consultant and physio said, that was the key for me. 
  • Thanks @TT that's helpful and encouraging
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od7mhj1GUT8&feature=emb_title
  • Hi nonrunningdad - so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must be horrid for both of you.

    I had a long-term hip injury that meant I had to stop running for 6 months or so. It was really frustrating as running has been a big part of my life for a while. The issue I found was that, because I was so frustrated by not running, I would return to the sport too soon when the symptoms started to ease (which really prolonged recovery).

    In the end I found a superb sports physio who essentially hid the relatively boring physio treatment inside a more challenging fitness programme that was designed not to aggravate the hip (push ups, planks, crunches etc). It wasn't the same, but it definitely gave me something new to focus on while I was healing.

    Perhaps the consultant you saw or another coach could devise a programme for your daughter that doesn't make her bone stress worse? Upper body/core etc?
  • HI @TramplsLikeUs - thanks for your helpful reply. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging this. An update on my daughter - she is coping well and although we went private to get a diagnosis the consultant has now referred her back to the NHS, which will save us a lot of money! It's a pity the NHS didn't offer an MRI scan much earlier on - it feels like we had to go private to get the NHS to take notice! She has been using a physio, but without a proper diagnosis that might not have helped; hopefully that will now change.
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    How great to hear good news. If she takes it slow, and does everything she is told hopefully she will be back. I look back now and wonder how I kept going but I did and now it just all seems like a dream. Also, might not seem like it but as not many races are going ahead if she has to be injured this is the best time to be so!
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