Running/trail shoes for muddy park run (and pronator)?

AKM72AKM72 ✭✭
Hi all,

I only started running in April and am now loving it! I would love to keep going through winter. I pretty much do all of my running in Regent's Park, London. Nearly all of it is on mud around the outer ring. Some grass. Some tarmac. I am wondering if I need a shoe that has more grip in the winter. On the odd occasion it has been wet recently I have felt my heel slip in some mud in my current trainer (Mizuno Wave Inspire 16). I as initially keen on a minimal shoe, but after a running/gait analysis in a shop it was pretty clear I pronate a bit hence the Mizunos.
Can anyone recommend a good pair that might suit my needs?
Thanks so much.
48 year old beginner running since April 2020
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