Running after Covid

I had Covid (probably - no test available) in March, and I am trying to get back to running. This is not proving easy. I used to do 20+ miles/week, and more if I was training for an ultra. The only way I can 'run' now is to go at around 2.5m/hour - any faster and my breathing becomes difficult.
Does anyone have any techniques for trying to get back to fitness post-Covid?


  • No tips other than go slow and build slowly.
  • I am a cyclist (part time) and runner (even more part time) and I had the covid symptoms about 3-4 weeks ago including loss of taste, fever, elevated resting heart rate, disinclination to do anything (no change there actually). I just self isolated and got better. I didn't do a test because it is not easy to get a test. My vital signs are okay now, resting heart rate, temperature (it didn't affect blood pressure) but I still feel short of breath. I haven't been for a run but I have done an indoor cycle ride (so everything can be controlled) and my max heart rate was about 20 bpm higher than it was before for the same ride at the same average wattage. That is a big deal for me. So as previous person said, I will just take it 'easy' and hope that the body repairs itself.
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