Reality show from UK.

Reality shows are loved by viewers all over the world. Stars and ordinary people become their participants, but in any case, the rating of the program can be extremely high. The reality show format implies work without repeated takes, the absence of a rigid script and imitation of special conditions. Perhaps these are the basic rules, and then everything depends on the imagination of the authors. In fact, literally any situation can be turned into an entertaining reality show: from looking for a job to shopping and solving problems of survival. What are your favorite reality shows?


  • Reality shows are popular with viewers all over the world where celebrities participate in online shows where viewers become judges and decide their fate. It soon becomes clear that this is not an ordinary game, but a sophisticated experiment.
  • the reality show can now be seen on almost every channel. this is a very interesting broadcast format indeed. every television channel is trying to get hold of the highest rated reality show. I also starred in such a program several times. it is very exciting. there are also many emotions. but now I like to watch these shows on TV.
  • To be honest I hate reality shows, never watch them.
  • <span>It's a shame that you don't get any pleasure out of watching reality shows. I think there are very few people like you. my friends enjoy watching TV shows. we even once starred in one very great show. I want to note that it's very entertaining. it's hard to follow a script, so sometimes improvisation is allowed. well, if you like TV shows and you watch them all the time, be sure to stop by you will have a lot of fun.</span>
  • Nope to reality shows for me.
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