Pain behind the knees

Hi all,

I'm 46 years old and, like many others, took up running to keep fit when the world went into lockdown. I'm not unfit, so jumped straight into running 5k.
First time out, it took me about 29 minutes and I slowly improved to a personal best of 24.04 in December... which I'm quite proud of... my ultimate goal is sub 23 minutes, so I'm not far off.

Along the way I discovered a whole host of new injuries, ITBS, Peroneal Tendonitis, Tight Calves, Patella Pain... but managed to shake each one off quite quickly by doing a bit of research and learning how to combat these injuries through rest, stretching, strength training and cross training (i.e. cycling instead of running for a bit).

Around the same time that I ran my PB I started getting pain behind my knees, another new injury, which I'm trying to convince myself is Hamstring Tendonitis, but I can't seem to shake it. I'm still able to/trying to run between 3 and 5 times a week, but I forgotten what it feels like to run without this pain behind my knees... so much so that I'm starting to think it's normal!

I have received conflicting advice from my friends... at one extreme I'm being told to keep running, go out every day, if only for a mile and it'll eventually go away... at the other extreme, I'm being told to stop running otherwise I'll soon have oesteoarthritis and be on my way to needing surgery.

Has anyone else experienced pain behind their knees when running and, if so, did you manage to cure it somehow?

Thank you in advance for any advice.


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Welcome to running! Well done on the time improvement. I might be out of turn with some people but can I suggest you go and see a physio? Knees are very complex and it could be a number of things. Mine is a runner and that helps!
  • Hi @TT, thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

    Physio is quite expensive, isn't it?... I'll have a look around my local area and see what I can see. Might have to wait until Boris unlocks us before I can see anyone though.

    In the meantime I've had a revolutionary idea!

    Even though I can run with this annoying pain, I've decided I'm not going to, complete abstinence until I'm sure the pain is no longer there... keeping up the stretching and body-weight strength training of course.

    This'll be the first time since March that I've gone more than 3 days without running.

    Hopefully it'll work, wish me luck!
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hello, all physios are insured to be open, it is up to them whether they are. 

    Mine is £45 an hour. You can also refer yourself under the NHS, if you are in the UK, but it might take a whole to be offered an appointment. 
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