I want to run across Spain over the Pyrenees in 30days... what do I need?

Hello :)

Bit of a bonkers, newbie-ish runner here. I love to suffer over long distances.

This summer I have August completely free and COVID pending I am planning on running from Bilbao to Barcelona in 31 days over the Pyrenees. the route I have calculated is roughly 500mi/800km.

Has anyone got any experience of doing anything like this at all?

I am currently putting together a list of what I will need but after some advice on the best;

- poles
- 1 man tents
- backpack
- shoes that can be used on road and trail
- other recommended bits and bobs

I'm aware that quality and costs are important so I am open to knowing the BEST possible option and the best budget option.

Thank you so much!



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