I want to run 500mi across Spain over the Pyrenees in 30 days... What do I need?

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Hello :)

Bit of a bonkers, newbie-ish runner here. I love to suffer over long distances.

This summer I have August completely free and COVID pending I am planning on running from Bilbao to Barcelona in 31 days over the Pyrenees. the route I have calculated is roughly 500mi/800km.

Has anyone got any experience of doing anything like this at all? (If so did you bring stoves etc too?)

I am currently putting together a list of what I will need but after some advice on the best;

- poles
- 1 man tents
- backpack
- shoes that can be used on road and trail
- other recommended bits and bobs

I'm aware that quality and costs are important so I am open to knowing the BEST possible option and the best budget option.

Thank you so much!



  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Wow, quite a challenge. Only thing I have done is Hadrian's wall in four and a bit days. As you are most likely walking a lot of it it might be worth giving Gaynor's in Ambleside a ring. They do an amazing range of backpacks and poles and really anything else. We have Leki poles, well worth buying.

    What I learnt when we did Hadrian's wall is you need far less than you think, especially when you are carrying it all. Most stuff will dry overnight, so cut back massively. Also spend masses of time perfecting your sock and shoe combination. 
  • Thanks for the advice!
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