Distance running & IBS/Fodmap

I'm training for my first ultra, and am struggling with nutrition and calories. 

I've struggled with IBS/Fodmap sensitivity/SIBO (nobody can give me a full diagnosis) for years.

The two things I'm looking for advice on:

1 - What to eat during training and, eventually, the race.
2 - Good snacks for keeping my calorie intake high between meals.

I'm vegetarian, can't eat wheat, too much sugar seems to set me off (so no gels, and I have to be careful with energy bars) etc. It's a bit limiting!

Breakfast is porridge with oat milk, and banana and honey. Lunch is usually a cheese salad sandwich with GF bread. I'm starting to batch cook more often, so that whatever I have for an evening dinner can be picked at during the following day. But any suggestions for other things I can snack on etc will be gratefully received!

Also I'm very much a fan of science, so suggestions to use crystals or homeopathy to cure my dodgy belly might be ignored... ;-)


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    You could add chia seeds to your porridge. Maybe home made veggie soup with the sandwich?

    Trek bars do a range of GF, vegan flapjacks, they might be worth trying?

    One of my friends takes homemade quiche out on long bike rides, might work for long runs?? 
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    make your own energy bars out of whatever you can eat, and by the sound of your breakfast, flapjacks made from rolled oats, honey/syrup and butter with whatever, peanuts, dried fruits etc and wrapped in a bit of clingfilm should be fine to carry.
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