Osteitis Pubis - physio recommendations

Hi everyone

After what get like an 8 month groin injury, I've had an MRI and been diagnosed with mild osteitis pubis. I'm waiting for NHS physio and in the mean time seeing a local physio. He admitted that he doesn't have a lot of experience with OP but has spoken to other colleagues about it so I've stuck with him for the moment.

I have been doing balance exercises and also strengthening exercises (Romanian deadlifts, stabilisation lunges, single leg thrusts, hamstring stretches and hip/knee flexor stretches). I have also done daily 10-minute core exercise every day for the last 2 weeks,

I've read a lot about it and have a realistic expectation of recovery (ie long!) but am struggling to find someone that specialises in this sort of injury for physio. It's hard to tell whether I'm making any progress - I can still feel the pain in some of the physio.

Does anyone have any recommendations, both for online or in-person (south east England).

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