Torn cartilage, hip

I have flat feet, and in September last year I was experiencing foot pain on longer runs (around 10 miles). My physio examined my calves and said that she couldn't find any muscle that wasn't massively knotted. Lots of massage and orthotics later, and I started back running again. Then in December I started to get hip pain. This ended up with an MRI scan where they found torn cartilage in the hip. I should say I've no idea how the tear would have happened; I've had no trauma in that area and only mentioned the tight calves in case there might be a connection!

At the moment I'm waiting to hear from a physio, but I'm told keyhole surgery may be needed. The doc has advised not running but to try cycling or swimming instead.

Not being able to run has really affected my mental health; never thought I'd miss it as much as I do. Does anyone know about any exercises that might help? How bad might running be? And if you've had surgery for this problem, I'd really appreciate knowing anything about your experiences!


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    Been there, done that, good news, back running! 

    Long, long story short. Had a torn labrum and pincer and cam impingement. Tried an injection, was allowed to run after that but only five miles three times a week. That did not solve it for me so surgery. I was told I would be running a HM six months later, it was a year, I was on crutches for nine weeks. The recovery can be very tough. If you are in the UK you may find you are in a very, very long waiting list and at the end of it.

    I swam, cycled and aqua jogged. 

    If you want to know more PM me. 
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