Thoughts on running programme please!

Hi all,

I'm getting quite hooked on running at the moment but quite keen to maintain what strength/size I have built through gym training, so have built a hybrid-esque programme and would be very keen to hear folk's thoughts, especially on the running element.

I'm 43 and currently am able to run 1 mile in around 7 mins, 3.7 miles in half an hour and my most recent weekend 'long run' was 10.5 miles in 1:40. I'm keen to build a good endurance base but also to get quicker over the 5-10K distance range. I think my biggest query comes to whether to focus on long/slow or quicker work, or a mix of both. I'll stick my weekly routine below and would love to hear any thoughts/ideas... I've been at this for around a month and don't feel particularly burnt out but don't want to overtrain.

Monday AM: Upper body strength PM: 30-40 min recovery jog (post sunday long run)

Tuesday: AM: Lower body strength

Weds: AM: Treadmill intervals (generally 4x400m at desired mile pace, reducing rest interval each week. Then a fast mile)
PM: 30-40 min recovery jog

Thursday: Upper Body strength

Friday: AM: Lower body Strength PM: 1 mile warm up, 30 mins 'fast as i can maintain' straight into 20 mins recovery jog

Saturday: Upper body light work

Sunday: Long run - start slow, throw a couple of quicker miles in, end slow. Aim to increase by 0.5 mile per week until maintaining around 15 miles.

Thanks in advance for any replies,



  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi Dave - and well done on the running. You've probably hit the nail on the head with your mix of both long/slow runs and speed work. To get fast you need that base endurance that the longer runs will provide. 

    My only real concern about the above is that you're not factoring in a proper rest day. I understand your feeling about maintaining strength/size, however on three of your four running days you're doubling up and the other three days you're in the gym as well. As a comparison I do three runs a week and three gym sessions where I'll also double with a HIIT session. However I do have one day a week just to fully rest.

    The workload is great if you can keep it up without any strains, but I'd be a bit worried you were heading in to overload territory.
  • Thanks for the reply Guarddog. Just out of interest, do you train full body on your gym days? And also, is your HIIT non-impact - rower etc? Just like to have a couple of days where, even though I’m not resting totally, my legs are doing nothing!
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi Dave - not full body on gym days. Monday and Friday is upper and Wednesday is a leg day, hence the rest on a Thursday. HIIT concentrates on full body and there's a mix of weights and cardio - so I tend to take things a touch easier in the gym a few hours before.
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