Half Marathon Training


Been a while since i was last on here...hope all is well 

well i've signed up to do the GNR 2022 through a charity with a work colleague, so state of play is i've done lots of cycling over the last few years since having a DVT back in Jan 19 done roughly 4k a year i know not massive to some people but it's a good distance IMO.

i appreciate its not till sept next year but i don't really do much running only ran a half dozen or so times this year so it will be quite a big thing for me to hit 13.1 miles i've only ever been up to aprox 7 mile in the past and at a much lighter weight currently around 103kg. 

currently i am still cycling well lots of indoor smart trainer stuff at the minute as working lots of hours in the daylight hours so i'm hitting the Kickr on the night, and basically doing a 3-4mile run once a week to get the body used to running again (as in the past i've jumped in too quick and got major shin splints) so basically doing a 3-4 mile for 9-10min miles. 

Thinking about going forward i was hoping to keep up the biking and doing the one run once a week up till the end of the year then from Jan 22 start training properly for it i was looking at a short run early in the week and a longer easier run later in the week and basically increasing week by week obvs doing different types of running (sprints, Hill sprints, intervals) all the way through the year until the race but keeping the biking up as well but limiting it. 

Any thoughts 
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