Madrid Marathon April 2022

I am about to pull the trigger to register..... just thought I'd fish for feedback first.

It's my first marathon but I like travelling so I am figuring I can combine what is hopefully a nice city break with my first full marathon. All the reviews go on about the hills but I am not after a PB as it's my first... maybe a slow first one gives me an easier target for my 2nd :-)
My usual distance is half marathon so it will definitely be a struggle but apart from the Brighton Half in February I want another race to do this year. I also hate the cold but I read the weather can be changeable. But it has to be nicer than the UK.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Madrid link:


  • No comments... ah well I guess it's not interesting. Place booked anyway so maybe they have their own forum
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I haven't done Madrid but the Spanish marathons do seem to be very well organised.  I've done Barcelona & Valencia - they are both fast marathons on great courses.  They usually start early (8-9am) to avoid the heat of the afternoon.  I'm sure you will find it a great experience.
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