TFL/Glute/Hip pain

Hi all, would love to hear from anyone who has experienced similar pain.

3 weeks ago on my long run (11 miles, not my highest mileage and a fairly easy run) I experienced a twinge in my right knee in the final mile. It lasted about 20 seconds or so, so I ran on to finish. 2-3 hours after the run I felt very stiff and was limping, which I put down to not stretching properly at the end (big mistake I know). The pain stayed with me down my right hand side-I thought it was ITB so I rested for 6 days and applied some ice. Staggered through a park run on day 7, during which I started to feel pain in my left glute. I rested on day 8 and 9, then on day 10 continued my marathon training plan, running at the lower end of the suggested miles and stretching etc. I found I was landing quite heavy footed, sweating much more and my breathing was more ragged. Running was a bit achey for the 1st mile, but I eased into it after that. I was a bit stubborn, I'll admit, as I was still feeling pain on my left side when walking, which caused me to limp a bit. Day 16 I managed to see a physio, who diagnosed that my right glute had spasmed and was quite tight (looking back this probably happened when my knee tweaked), and my left one was loose but tender as it was having to compensate for the right one. I've been given exercises, somme specifically for the glute medius(clams, figure 4 stretch, captain morgans, hip flexor stretch) which I have been doing, but I'm still experiencing pain when walking and in particular when going down stairs- the pain is in my left glute/hip and sometimes feels as though it's around the hip crease. There's a dull ache in my left glute even when I'm not moving. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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