5k PB help (Sub 25 mins)

Hello and thanks in advance for any advice. So iv been stuck between 25-26 minutes for a 5k for ages and just can’t seem to beat it.

I have been sticking with the below training place for 2 months now.
Mon: 3 miles easy
Tuesday: Intervals (alternate weekly between 8x400m, 6x800m and 4x1k). 90 seconds standing rest between each interval
Wed: Rest
Thurs: 3 miles easy (Easy pace of 10:00-10:30 min miles)
Friday: Rest
Sat: Parkrun (Hard effort)
Sun: Long run (Alternate weekly between 7-10 miles at easy pace)

One issue im having is feeling fatigued for the long run but not sure if im overdoing it as I don’t feel like im running enough miles in the week.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im also 6’5 and also weigh 91KG.



  • Hi Jack, looks OK on paper to me, so I'll just offer two seemingly flippant but actually quite serious comments:

    1. find a faster course for your parkrun? If you could and knocked out a PB there then this would give you a lot more confidence.

    2. think about upgrading your trainers: investing in a pair of Saucony Endorphins (by no means top of the range) knocked 30-45 seconds off my times.

    I'm sure you'll get better advice, but these two are potential 'quick wins'. Good luck.

    PS the other thing would be to consider joining a club: I've only done this recently and I've found the competition that you get in training can really push performance levels.
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    Disclaimer :- I'm no expert and all advice should be taken lightly...

    1. Start to increase your easy mileage, I found that helped. Based fitness will push you far... Just done by best 5k and training for a 1/2. Previous 5k best was done within a 10k race

    2. If your aim is 5m/km average make sure you interval sessions are done at a quicker pace. Shorter intervals equals quicker pace so 400m reps say 4.30m/km, 1000m reps 4.50m/km. If needed take extra rest time but try to reduce it over time which stitches those intervals together

    3. Parkrun us great but try a proper 5k event race and find a flat one

    4. Mix up your training more. If you have a Garmin for example use a 5k plan. 

    5. Hill sprints ! Everyone loves a hill sprint, builds muscle, strength, efficiency and endurance ! 400m real fast pace up hill, jog back down, 90 seconds rest go again. Start with 4 reps and build up to 8...

    As john said a new pair of trainers AND socks can do wonders ! Never forget a decent pair of fluffy, comfy, padded socks...
  • I did it a strange way round and kept repeatedly running a single mile till it was down to a much faster time, I then found my two and three mile runs got faster because of it. So speed work helped with that personally.
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