Bills, bad weather and ..more bills

Been requested by Tooting boy to return to the forums, after I had made a resolution last month to boycott them when the new format started.

That, the rain and the mountain of bills makes all this a welcome return from holiday.

Has anyone got anything to cheer me up with? Swiss Bobby's always good for a laff.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Welcome back, Snoop! We missed you.

    Just as well you were on holiday. I managed to be the last to post on the old forum.

    Oh, sorry, did that add to your list?

    If you need cheered up, someone will have a video of Paula's 10k triumph at the Europeans that they can lend you, I'm sure.
  • Is my chirpy disposition not enough?

    You'll be glad to hear that several people have been bullying me in your absence, so I'm still as tortured as ever!

    Cheers Pops!
  • Welcome back, Jon's been lost without you around.

    Looking forward to Burnham Beeches?
  • Snoop

    great to see you've returned. Are you still planning on doing the Robin Hood Half? The prospect of a visit to Nottingham in the near future is enough to cheer anyone up, surely!

  • BK... Shat yooor Maafff!!! He'll get all big headed on us!
  • Said like a true London boy
  • Strange seeing as I was brought up in the SW! But Snoops kinda right, I'm a Tooting boy Nah!
  • Amongst 145 items of post is a No. 270 for the Burnham Beeches Half on Sunday week - anyone know where Burnham Beeches is??

    I'm cheering up a bit now, especially after seeing I have a female admirer in Bonny Scotland. May I never abuse the kiltees again!

    Glad to see also that others have stood in for me, and abused the lad from Tooting in my absence - I promised his mum that I would keep an eye on him for her.

    I did catch the 10k in Munich on a 2 inch portable tv on a campsite in Woolacome Bay, but the batteries ran out after the first lap. Did that Irish girl beat Paula then?
  • Well here you go Snoop this is specially for you click here.

    PS it is good to see you back
  • Theres a map in with your number, but its just north of the M4 near Slough I believe. Apparently we're avoiding the big hill in the race this year so thats a help
  • 'fraid I haven't caught up with the map yet, but I see there is one there - it also, rather handily I thought, shows the local boozers, there's three (Crown, Stag and Green Man) within a half mile, so we should be spoilt for choice - first Club member home gets the first round in!

    Cutting out the big hill eh? - they must be being sympathetic to us southern softies.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Had a good holiday then Snoop? Glad to see you back. Time to be brave and post a litte piccy!
  • Hi there Snoop you seen my little present I left for you on page 1? What gives?
  • aaghhh... not Lausanne again please!!

    Howdya get your hair to go like that Swiss - scary!

    And just what do you have to do to put a mug shot up there hilly, and, think about it, do you really want me to do that - you cannot be serious surely..
  • right Snoop I think it is time that you unmasked yourself. you take a pic pref scanned and edit it so that you have an image exactly 100 x 120 pixels.

    then you upload it.

    RW get the first laugh and then we all do about 20 mins later.
  • As for the hair being like that some people not me pay a lot of money for hair cuts like that, I just run up mountains in the rain to get that effect.
  • Weren't you on that Sevenoaks mugshot. Crop it down to 120 by 100 and you'll be Ok to post it. Give us a shout if you have any problems.

    Yep I can see at least one of those pubs coming in useful and luckily I won't be the first round
  • Oops SB beat me to it. 120 is the height
  • Got to be quicker than that BK
  • Been trying to figure out what else BK could be short for other than Blue Knees:

    Burger King
    Big Knickers
    Blasted Kids
  • Sadly I was just thinking the same thing about BK and Burger King. Its a bit sad Jon if I'm starting to think like you!!!!
  • Hi, greetings from Canada. I was wondering if there are any interesting races near Fleetwood, Lancs between Sept 9th to Sept 25.
    Thank you
  • Hi shreds. Don't now personally but you may have more luck posting this on the events forum. Good luck
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Just in case you weren't joking Snoop, Paula crossed the line in 30:01, beating Sonia O'Sullivan, who broke the Irish national record, by 3/4 of a lap. And Paula was disappointed that she hadn't beaten 30mins, depsite having had to lap all but about 5 of the other runners on the outside, probably running an extra 30 meters.

    I don't remember you abusing the "Kilties" before. Or maybe you didn't realise I was one. Great these new nicknames, eh?
  • You'll be the envy of the nation if you CAN think like me!
  • Hey - what's all this I hear about doubts over Paula's improvements this year in the French press. Anyone else heard this scurrilous rumour. And anyone know how to spell scurrilous - 'cos I aint sure.
  • Nessie,

    He abuses one kiltie regularly!!!!
  • Snoop,

    Good to have you on the "other side" - I was feeling like the only canine.And Jon was getting quite plaintive...

    So where's your picture then ? The best bit about loading it is when the instructions say the image has been accepted and is now being checked for suitability... tense moment - especially for 38DD if she ever posts again

  • They wouldn't accept my image for days - had to really 'nag' them to do it!!

    SD: Welcome back you old Dog you.
  • Welcome back Snoop, you have been missed.
    I had hoped you'd come back as I'm doing the Great South Run as I believe you are and thought we could meet up with the others doing the race.
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