I have a naturally high heart rate.

Went to see my doctor years ago and one was so alarmed he gave me an ECG(after running up a slope my heart rate reached 210). nothing was wrong. the next doctor I saw said some peoples heart beats faster than others and that my previous doctor didn't need to give a ECG. I'm barely out of breath at 154bpm and yesterday I topped out at 191bpm (bear in mind I'm 42). This was on a cool day with no uphill running and I wasn't sprinting. Just sitting doing nothing its 85. I have been doing the couch to 5k and am on week 8, I ran 3.7km in 28 mins so you can see I run at a leisurely pace(7-8 minutes per km)


  • What’s your resting HR as given by your smartwatch?
  • 8ace8ace ✭✭
    I've hit 198 at 50yrs old male on fast 5ks and over 200 on the rower. Have been running for years (1000miles per yr approx) resting HR is about 39-42 depending what I've been up to.

    You're not alone with a high max/AVE HR. Average on a normal 15mile run would be about 154 ish at 2 hrs duration

    Not sure if being 5ft 4", 8 stone 4 has anything to do with it as smaller creatures generally have higher heartbeat. I always think of it as mouse/elephant high/low heart rate
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    It's never concerned me as I always feel good and only out of breath when I know I should be
  • Try cutting out stimulants for a few days. I was taking nicotine lozenges and drinking caffeine. My resting HR was 85/90 despite 3 hard 10k hilly runs a week. I cut the nicotine and the caffeine and 2 or 3 days later my resting HR dropped to 44! It's back to more like 50 now a week or so later.
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