Wednesday 12th July 2023 - Woah take us through the night


2nd line of the chorus..

4th line: 
Oooh, ooh, baby hold on tight..

Right, bit of work..


  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    Lyrics: no

    Yesterday's were Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, Brian and Michael featuring the St. Winifred's School Choir (not featuring OH as he had left by then!)

    What: 40 minutes or so

    Why: bank a few more kilometres
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Wabo - sorry to hear about your mum..well done with the hour yesterday!
    Els - As Wabo said, think it's amazing what you've done, plus the bonus 15 yesterday! Hope the shivers didn't last.
    Ale - Enjoy the 40
    Hazel - golden angel thingy on a column....yep that was the day after the rave in Tiergarten and just after running past around 40 nudists still enjoying the sunshine....
    WP - Hope PT wasn't too painful!
    Pammie - ah trio, remember that 'classic'.....
    OH - ouch, toe injury sounds nasty. Nice photos

    What - easy lunchtime, coaching village rabble tonight
    Why - recovery, routine
    last rest - 07/07
    last hard - Yesterday: 10x250m grassy hills, jog back recovery 10 miles all in with long w/u & c/d
    lyric - hmm, not so sure

  • HazelnutCHHazelnutCH ✭✭✭
    So, think I have got my Dollars etc. sorted.  

    15m is a great distance soon after the weekend Els.

    I have a 10.x k in mid August WP and it is always hot, I always ask myself Why? Flat and cheap for here though and I have often picked up an AG prize (generous allocation).  Will be tough this year though as I am right at the end of my AG.

    Argghh to Da da da..  Pammie, drives me nuts.

    Well done on the hour's run Wabo!  

    Ouch to the toes OH.  Thanks for the pics!

    Enjoy Salvador sitting Ale.  

    Good hillwork Dustin.  

    What: some sort of speed this evening, need to find a bit of motivation yet though
    Why: hopefully a bit cooler than the last couple of days though will be very humid.
    Last hard: currently eyeing up a New Year's marathon and need to decide whether to sign up!  More of a "fun" thing, starts with the fireworks at midnight
    Last rest: 11.07.23
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    edited July 2023
    Morning again!

    That marathon sounds "interesting", Hazel!

    What: just under 47 minutes

    Why: MLR (my definition of a MLR is two-thirds to three quarters of the LSR, which on Monday was 70 minutes, so just qualifies!)

    Cool (10 degrees) and blustery here; puddly underfoot and now raining.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    afternoon all
     lyrics no
    alehouse, nice running, your mlr is my lsr lol!!
    ooh hazel, marathon sounds sort of fun!! Enjoy the speed
    dustin enjoy both your running exploits!

    what: 30 mins towards my virtual scramble effort 
    why: chipping away and do not feel like another hour tonight
    last hard: last night
    last rest: 28/12
    have a good day all
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    edited July 2023
    5 days to day 200 of 1 mile cont or more....
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭

    You did an hour yesterday, Wabo! Two weeks ago that was my LSR. Planning to gradually build it to around 100 minutes by October. The MLR will hopefully increase in proportion. And there is nothing wrong with 30 minutes!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    cheers alehouse, I was happy with the hour tbh - did have  music in  my ears which helped
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Hope you are feeling better, Els. You really shouldn't let one bad race knock your confidence. Sometimes our heart isn't quite in it or our body isn't quite up for it. 

    Sorry to hear your mum ist still poorly, wabo. What is AF?

    Talking of illness - haven't seen our resident Doc chamolk on here lately. Hope he's doing OK.

    Dustin: Nudists sound very Berlin ;)  it's one crazy place. 

    BTW: that golden thingie is called Goldelse ;)  Berliners have a way to make fun of buildings. There's Pregnant Oyster, Hollow Tooth and Erich's Lamp Store for example. 

    Modern Talking and Trio definitely qualify for really bad songs. In fact, that whole era in the 80s produced some really odd German songs. It was called Neue Deutsche Welle. The Brits had New Wave - which was super cool. We had Trio, Hubert Kah and other musical abominations  :D

    Just realised I didn't post yesterday, btw.

    So 11 miles GA run yesterday and 9 with hill sprints & strides today. It was supposed to be another split tempo sesh but it was so muggy I figured I try it tomorrow or Friday when temps are forecast to drop a bit. 
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    Hazel:You sound like myself as I have a year left in this age cat.But you sound like you are on good form and hope all goes well for the 10k in August.

    Dustin ; Enjoy coaching tonight.Nudists blimey that made the run interesting.

    Chick : How are the temps for running?

    What: an hours running nice and easy
    Why: because it is what i do after PT session.
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest Saturday
    Lyrics: I should have got yesterday's and a no for today.

    I was giving the chance of place at Cardiff Half (places all sold out) by Welsh Athletics.I was filling in form when I realised it was the week after Llanelli half marathon.No thank you not this year.It is the 20th edition and I ran the first one.

    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Chick there must be some great German singers/bands
    Hazel/WP I'm now  in New age group  though  didn't race much in my last 2 lol.
    Still be tough I guess

    What 5km run walk
    Why feeling  it after 2 night shifts 
    Last hard today 
    Lyrics no 
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