Getting over the psychological issues attached with running (emetophobia)

Hi all.

I did my local Parkrun (Wyre Forest- not the easiest of courses for the uninitiated) for the first time at the weekend since the pandemic. I've done the odd Parkrun since they all reopened, but despite being quite fit (early 20s, 6"2), I found myself walking about half of the course. This isn't because I'm not capable of running the whole course, but largely because of the ongoing psychological battle I have during the run.

I have a fear of being sick, and have an excessive mucus level (sorry for the detail!!), so as you can imagine, it builds up during the run to the extent that my brain thinks that I'm going to be sick. So, to counter this I walk to calm myself down. If I didn't have this phobia at the forefront of my mind during the runs, then I reckon I could complete the course about 10 minutes quicker than what I do.

Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience, or could impart some advice.



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    Hi tomskii

    Just noticed your post. Bit hard to know what to suggest. If your phlegm is related to running, and not there at other times, it might just be exercise-induced rhinitis. It can be worse with hay fever or cold air for some people too. Antihistamines or a nasal steroid spray can sometimes help.

    I tend to get it a bit too when running, but usually just resort to a tissue if I have one, otherwise it's snot rockets or spitting if necessary (and after carefully checking there's no one near me).

    I'm not sure if helping the mucus will help the fear of being sick or not for you - if it doesn't then you'd probably be best considering CBT or psychology 

    Hope it gets better
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