pleasantly plump club-Sunday

Day 6 , no crisps
See you all tomorrow


  • The weekends are the hardest hang onin there !
  • I've had a terrible night! Puppy howled as follows:- 10pm - 10.30; midnight - 12.30; 3am - 3.40; 5am til, at 5.40, I gave up and got up! I am blathered. And I dread seeing the neighbours.......; they're mooey enough at the best of times.

    But......... I ran 5.4 miles this morning, much of it battling against a head-on gale. But I still don't think I can do Brighton.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Morining fellow fatties!

    Very windy here with lots of tree damage so not going for outdoor run - going to do treadmill run later.

    Sassie, if you can run for 5.4 miles then you'll easily manage Brighton. Before my first 10k I'd only run 4 miles and I had no problems. Also, you seem to be doing loads of work during the week so you'll be strong enough to get through it. Don't forget the power of fellow runners - they really pull you along. BTW, hope puppy quietens down soon ;-)
  • Sassie, respect for running in THAT today
    im too scared, off to the gym
    Puppy scare by storms?
  • Hi all, well done sassie, I hate strong winds.
    I was out for a quick 4 miles this morning at 9.00am, luckily there is no wind at all yet in Durham and it was sunny, getting a bit black now though, think weather on its way........
    And another thing, I have been stuck at the same weight now for three weeks (this week it went up a bit) with another stone to go and I am running 26 mile a week, Poo..........
  • Sassie
    no tree clearing (but also no climbing tree to get apples for lunch-time pudding).
    Garden fence disappeared - belongs to neighbours thankfully.
    Been to offie... difficult decisions looming - 5k on treadmill or a bottle of Becks (to settle the nerves, you understand).
  • RK,5k on treadmill, then Two bottles of becks
  • Hi all

    Just back for very exciting 10k. Interesting running dodging flying branches and fallen trees. A couple of dead foxes as well for some reason.

    Well I managed a new PB of 55 mins !!!

    I'd love to know what i could do if I hadn't been blown backwards half the course.

    RK definately treadmill then becks.
  • 5k in the bag, 1 bottle of Becks down the neck (I'm very good at this rewards lark - just wondering what to do with a tube of 'Vodka Shots' (liqueur choccies) do I give them to the nurses at the unit tomorrow, or do I sample them first?)
    second bottle of Becks will have to wait until chicken safely in oven.
  • To the nurses
    Theyre not that alcoholic
  • wot... the choccies or the nurses?
  • Choccies
    We know wot renal nurses are like
  • dunno where some of these nurses put it - one of ours is known to regularly sink 18 bottles of baccardi breezer in a session, even when my kiderneys were working that would have been nigh on beyond me!
  • Sound like yours are as bad as ours then
    I await th Xmas party with some trepidation
  • there are a few things you learn about nurses quite quickly...
    they all drink like fish
    they all swear like navvies
    they all punch well above their weight
    no matter how often patients take in boxes of quality street etc, the sweetie tin is always empty.
  • How true
  • I know I'm not Paula but a 55 min 10K in a gale deserves some small cheer please (sob sob sob)
  • big cheer.
    takes me longer than that without the wind.
  • cant believe you went out!!
    Well done
  • Could murder a bag of crisps now
  • Thank you for the cheer. Off for noodles to celebrate.

    Benz for goodness sake have some crisps we won't tell honest
  • JJ
    was'nt you having people for dinner last nite?
    were they tasty :-)?
  • Couldnt look Pix in the eye if i did
    Shes even given up wine:(
  • EP
    going shopping in the car was a bit of an adventure was it not?
  • Evening,

    Well family visit then working today... so I have been real good with the beer, coz I was driving, but real bad with the food coz mum always feeds me... ahh well, cant have it all.
    Today feeling really fat, trousers tugging on me and my legs are rubbed raw... I so need to lose weight, but for all I try, I just keep getting heavier, it's getting to me, and still no choccie... or apple puffs, why am I bothering to deny myself thngs whaen I am still putting weight on !!!
    Next week tapering, so cant up my mileage, oh and V-rap tomorrow night, all I need is this skinny wee thing looking so good in her cool gear... ahh boo hooo...
  • PS.. well done JJ ... BIG CHEER
  • Evening everyone,

    Now fully recovered from "Greek" meal last night - very good!

    Didn't have any "London Pride" last night but did have a liberal amount of "KEO" a Cypriot beer.

    I didn't run today partly due to wind but also because knee is hurting quite a lot. Maybe I will have to rest it for a few days which will mess up schedule a bit but I won't be running at all if I don't!

    Cheers all.
  • DD shed make ANYONE feel inadequate, and be nice about it:)
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