Sunday session - 27 October

Okay, subject to my calf not playing up, here is what I will be doing later today:

What: 10 mile long(ish) run
Why: It's Sunday!

Last hard: Thursday's interval sesh (ow!)
Last easy: Yesterday.


  • OK, due to the sudden absence of my front window, here's what I'll be doing later today:

    What: improvised DIY
    Why: not the time of year for open air living

    Last hard: Saturday's long run
    Last rest: Friday
  • Poor Dave! Are you all ok?
  • Sassie
    Thanks, all is OK now. Some sort of a window in place, wind is easing a bit, may even go out for a run.....
  • "She woke up and looked out of the window. Another glorious autumn day, sunny and crips. Perfect for the 10 mile run she had planned for this morning. Downstairs she could hear her children, lovingly interacting over which stimulating and educational Sun am TV programme to watch next. She jumped out of bed, glad she had relaxed with a cup of chamomile tea the night before instead of fuzzying her head with too much red wine.
    She laced up her shoes, ready to go, but first her husband as usual wanted all the details of her heart rate training zones and choice of route. 'Off you go then' he smiled, 'I'll have breakfast ready when you get back.'
    Once out she felt fantastic and ran like the wind, steady but fast. After 10 miles of effortless 1/2 marathon pace she decided to add another 3 mile loop and got back refreshed, another PB on her watch ready to be entered into her training log."
  • Did 8 miles in the rain, thought 'sod this', cut the run short and went home.
  • My first ever post to the forums though I've been reading them for a while.

    Good luck to the Long Run Mob today. I did a very wet,cold and windy 10K earlier today and that was enough. Nearly 6 minutes slower than my best time for the same route would give you an idea of the horrible early morning conditions in Aberdeen.

    I hope the conditions are better for the rest of you.
  • Nice one Laura. In view of my race being abandoned, am hoping to see the wind drop by late afternoon, in which case I'll try that 9 miler I had problems with just over a week ago....
  • Laura your first run sounds great!unfortunatly reallity soon kicks in.

    What: 16 Miles, I did 6M on my own & was joined by a friend for the last 10M. The wind is just unbeliveable. Lots of leaves & branches all over the roads, at one point we had to climb over a tree that was blocking the road. Another time we both agreed it felt like our legs were going in circles, we were like two old men with walking sticks at the end because we were bent so far forward into the wind.
    I'm now back in doors wondering about the roof [a few tiles have lifted but no real damaged yet] The fence in the back garden won't be there for much longer [looks like I will be building a new wall sooner than I thought!]
    Surprisingly I feel quite lively,
    Why: my first 80 mile week for a long time.
    Last Rest: 9 days ago.

    Dave hope everything is back to normal soon.

    And to anybody racing today WELL DONE!
  • Yes, things are as normal as they ever are now. Eventually I settled for a visit to the Gym - fast (for me!)4K on the treadmill, some other CV stuff and a few weights. Hope the wind settles enough to make running in the dark OK for Mon/Tue...
  • Goodness me Laura you must have been reading Mills & Boon with the chamomile tea to come up with that prose.

    or perhaps it was hammer house of horror given the reality

    what 1/2M race: see elsewhere
    why: It avoided repairing fence but unfortunately in the meantime our TV aerielas have gone down (or the transmitters *****ed)

    last hard day : today
    last rest : sat

  • I'm really pleased with myself. Did the Totton 10k this afternoon and despite it blowing a hooley was only 20 secs outside my PB! Maybe there's something to this speedwork lark after all..
    Last rest: Fri
    Last hard: today
  • 11 km on treadmill
    better than nothing I suppose
  • ah benz

    at least on a tredmill you have a nice holder for the G&T and can slow down when you want a drink so you don't spill (such a waste).

    bet the miserly gym staff won't do you a top up!
  • Didnt think of that!!
    Always have a nice glass of eine after, dut I COULD have a tinnie of gin
    Thanks mate!!:)
    (our gym staff ignore us)
  • Did the 9 miler as promised. Took 69 mins!! - but conditions weren't helpful and it was my first run of this length for >10 years.
    Last mile must have taken at least 10 mins - was on the prom and almost directly into the wind.
    Knees are complaining a bit now alas...
  • It wasnt raining here so should have gone outside
    not the wind thatputs me off, but the poeple:(
  • Okay, change of plan for me:

    What: Nothing at all
    Why: Knee and calf twinges. I didn't want to gamble it, specially considering the extra stress they'd have got from running into the wind.

    Last hard day: Today, because I really wanted to run!! *sulk*
    Last rest day: Today, I suppose.
  • what:20 mile run(meant to be only 15 but my fellow runners are training for luton)
    why:10 mile race next weekend
    last hard:thurs hill reps
    last easy:sat-nowt
  • Never read anything but sfh legs, no wonder I can't cope with all those long complicated sentences in the HR thread.

    Well done on your long run Mike, sorry your race was cancelled. Just watched the news and have sympathy with race organisers and runners across the Uk - especially would-be Snowdonia marathoners.
  • Initially was going to wuss out and do a treadmill session, but had a change of heart.

    What: 5 mile fartlek
    why: Nothing yesterday, nothing tomorrow.
  • Worksop 1/2 M cancelled with 1 minutes notice, literally!
    What: Ran back to the car drove to the gym and did 8M hard on the treadmill - hard because 1. I tried and 2. I find treadmills boring.
    Why? Because I was full of carbohydrates with no race to run.
  • For some reason I picked uesterday for my first run back after too long a lay off. Wussed out and went for the treadmill option, did two miles.

    Come evening I decided that wasn't enough and did a 6 outside in the wind, which was subdued by then. Quite chuffed to have only lost 3 minutes on my PB, but legs hurt like buggery today! Left leg still playing up in spite of the physio and the heel lift!

    Felt good though apart from that - exhilirating running in the wind when it wasn't blowing me backwards!!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Had a slight calf injury last week - felt very tight and almost cramp-like, especially when running downhill. Not sure what it is but apparently it might be a strain of the soleus muscle or shin splints - both of which can be caused by too much hill running. I have recently moved to a hilly area and my legs are probably still getting used to the change in terrain.

    The plan was to run yesterday, having not run since Wednesday last week. Decided to give it a miss owing to extremely adverse weather conditions - didn't fancy being crushed by a falling tree!

    I now plan to run tonight, taking it quite easy - will probably do 30 minutes or so or around 3.5/4 miles, depending on how my calf feels. Unfortunately I have come down with a cold over the weekend but am hoping the run will sweat it out. I'm sure the fact I ran twice last week lowered my immunity sufficiently to bring it on in the first place!
  • New to running, getting there eventually, Ive started to do a long run on a Sunday, did my first 7 miles yesterday in not the best weather, very wet, windy and cold it took 69 minutes - not brilliant I know - but as I say I am new to running. Hoping to impove with speed sessions, fartlek and recovery runs! Am I going in the right direction? any advice would be appreciated?
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