• Way ahead of you on the excuses front. On hearing the poor forecast for the last weekend I promptly went out for a nice 4 miler, and broke my leg about 10 yards from the finish.

    Voila - I had the perfect excuse to sit on the sofa. And this is valid for the next 2 weekends as well. Hopefully I'll be able to start again after that.

    London is only 5 and a bit months away ! Eeek !
  • Cougie!!!

    You should have just stayed home!! Great excuse for me though - can't go running - might break my leg!!!

    How awful for you. Hope you're not in too much pain - is it really going to mend in three weeks? How did you do it?

    I'm stunned...
  • I only ever have one excuse - I need to work on my thesis. Unfortunately, it's true!! And I do work hard. I think I need to invest in some new running tights/warm tops to restore some of the motivation...
  • Dont talk to me about the thesis!
  • Daisy - it was such a stooopid accident.

    Out for a lovely run at lunch in the sunshine, ran through a pedestrian tunnel underneath the railway, and it was pitch black, especially after being in the bright sunshine. Some eedjit had left a wine bottle in the tunnel, and I didn't see it until I trod on the damn thing, and turned my ankle. I sent the bottle skeetering off ahead of me, smashing into a million pieces, and all I could think was - 'Don't fall on the broken bottle !'

    Luckily I did keep my balance - just - but my ankle was hugely painful & swollen.

    It's just a small break at the bottom of the leg, and a lot of damage to the tendons or ligaments whatever.

    I go back after 3 weeks so I hope it'll be OK then - I need to start training for London soon !

    Moral of the story - slow down in dark places !!!
  • I'll remember that for that night run that I'm never going to do ;O)
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