Role Call for Robin Hood

Greetings All

just wondering how many/any of you planning to the Robin Hood Marathon/Half on the 15th Sepetember?

I have to admit to being excited at the prospect of doing this one because although Nottingham is my home town this will be the first chance I get to do the race as I've been living in the US the last 8 years (up until Nov 2001). Before that I wasn't a runner :-(



  • Sorry mate, I'm in Majorca that weekend - it's a bugger I know, but I'll be thinking of you...

    I'm still on for a pint at the 'Trip' when I'm next passing nearby - they do say the prettiest girls come from Nottingham - can't say the beer is up to much - so Shippos still have a brewery there?
  • how do you edit your spelling mistakes on this forum?
  • Hi MM,

    I will be running the marathon in Nottingham. It will be my attempt to get under the London qualifying time of 3:15.

    I was trying to follow the route from the website but couldn't work out whether the marathon follows the same course as the half for the first lap. If so I was planning to pace the first half of the 'thon with the RW pacing groups.

  • Snoop

    too bad you're not going to be there. Must admit I never drink/drank Shippos, I always stick to the Marstons, Theakstons, Ruddles. I was in the trip just the other week for the first time in ages. We had a friend visitng from the US so I had to take him there and tell him that all our boozers date from 1189!!

    All the best, have a great time in Majorca

  • Ironman

    great to hear your coming along. I'm planning on doing the half myself, not up to a 26.2 miler just at the moment.

    The marathon does follow the same route for the first 13.1, then splits and heads over to Holme Pierrepont (watersports area). The good news about the second half is that is pancake flat, I believe the first half will be undulating judging by where it goes.

    What are the RW pace groups, could use one myself.

    All the best

  • Hi,

    Also planning to run myself (the 1/2) and entered over the internet some time back, however I still haven't heard anything, and this is the same for a number of people I have spoken to. Hope I hear soon as I am running for charity and already have a load of sponsorship collected and will have to give it back if I don't get in!
  • Hi,

    I will also be running the 1/2 this will be my 3rd Robin Hood. This is probably the biggest event in the midlands and was almost lost last year with Nottingham Council deciding not to sponsor the event. With the unnersworld pacemakers I hope to run a good time.
  • I am also running the half - any information on the course (easy/fast parts or slow/hard bits) would be appreciated as the only information I have is the course map on the website

    Cheers Jon
  • Hi Jon

    I live in Notts so I know some bits of the course but having never raced it before I'd be hard pushed to give you specifics. Broadly speaking the half looks like it will be undulating in parts (Wollaton Park area) but certainly there's some flat bits too (e.g. along the embankment). Sorry I can't be more help

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone,

    Race confirmations are going out at the moment, everyone should have received their confirmation by the end of the week.

    Gary, Jon, and Gareth, you are all entered for the race and have been allocated a race number. I will double check for you whether or not your race confirmation has been sent.
    Strangely, there were no entries for "marmite master" and "run of the mill" on the race database!

    Race packs will be sent out approximately 3-4 weeks before the day. These will give lots of information for the race, including the course.

    The course is brand new for this year, it goes back through Wollaton Park again, now that the foot-and-mouth troubles are over (touch wood). The marathon course is the same as the half marathon course for the first half, then does a second loop.

    There is a race enquiry telephone line for the race which is 020 8569 7046. You could also contact the race organisers (Sweatshop) via email: [email protected] , also there is the website

    Hope this helps you a bit?

    Anna (Sweatshop)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    PS Im running it too (the half), and really looking forward to it. I was hoping to go with the 2 hour pacers, but that isn't looking so likely anymore - not enough long runs!

  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Gary, Jon and Gareth,

    Your confirmations have been sent out and you should receive them by the end of the week.
  • Thanks Anna,

    That is what I call efficient, I only got round to entering yesterday :)

  • Snoop Dogg - you're right about the prettiest girls coming from Nottingham - I am of course a native!

    Actually, I have a dilema about the Notts half - I've enjoyed it 3 times before - our club always has a good turnout and a barbecue afterwards and my training has been going well this summer - but the race is the day after my boyfriends' birthday!

    What to do? Do I a/ stumble round the course with a hangover? b/ try not to drink the night before and attempt a reasonable time? or c/ be a dutiful girlfriend, give the race a miss and spent a romantic birthday weekend with my bloke?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  • I'm doing the half too. A message to Dollybird - run the race! Stick to beer for the carbos and you'll be fine!!
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