Forumite of the Year Award !

I think voting should commence to decide the inaugral 'Forumite of the Year' award...presented to the person who has made us laugh, cry, groan, wince etc.. over the past year.!

Ok so Jon has won, but i thought we'd better go through the motions of voting anyway. In any case i'm sure we can come up with some other categories.

I think the prize should include a suitably coloured i.e loud -
'king (or queen) of the forumites vest top, which the winner has to wear in all the events he or she enters in 2003. They will then be visible to all fellow URWFRC runners . !

alternatively a pair of gold coloured running shoes.

I'm sure a suitable venue could be arranged for the awards ceremony i.e The Savoy, St James Tavern etc..

any thoughts ?


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