Saturdays Session

What : Rest
Why : Darlington 10k Sunday

Last Hard Day (Swim) Yesterday (Run) Tuesday
Last Rest Day : Today



  • good luck with 10K - target time?

    what: zilch
    why: cricket - St Helens Recs 2s v Caldy 2s (weather permitting)
    last hard day: Friday
    last rest day (before today) : Sunday

    might be a good day to be out of the house, with 2 family members apparently mired in lousy colds...
  • Coco-CatCoco-Cat ✭✭✭
    What: Speedwork: 45 secs at race pace followed by 45 secs walk/jog recovery depending on what time we get back from choosing cats at the cat sanctuary.
    Why: Because I've been a slow runner for 2 years and I want to get faster!
    Last hard day: Thursday
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • Mike

    A sub 50 will give me a PB - it all depends on the course, as have not ran it before.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 4 mile potter to loosen up legs
    Why: Askern "10" tomorrow. Aiming to do it in between 60 & 61 minutes
    Last rest day: Thursday
    Last hard day: Wednesday
  • Good luck to WW and Drew!

    Still "resting" (although real life just isn't very restful). Hope things will have settled enough to try running again on Monday. In the mean time, I can cheer for you all. Marj
  • What: 15 miler
    Why: Weather in Notts looked a bit dodgy thie morning so switched my weekend long run and bike ride around.
    Days since last hard run: 0 (today)
    Days since last rest: 1 (friday)

    Hope the weather holds so I can get out on my bike tomorrow. Can't believe how much easier the long run seems when I haven't biked the day before. Usually run this loop in about 7:30 min/mile pace but today managed about a 7:10 pace (with miles 6-14 @ 6:50 pace) with seemingly the same effort. No doubt tomorrows bike ride will be slow and feel like really hard work!!

    WW & Drew, best of luck chaps, looking forward to hearing the gory details in tomorrows race reports.

  • What: Rest day.
    Why: Trained yesterday and my bod needed a rest :)
    Days since last hard run: 1 - Friday
    Days since last rest: 2 Thursday.

    I say I rested - actually took the dog on a 5 mile trek along my town's section of the Pennine Trail. Also, used stepper machine for half an hour - climbed 1410 steps (109 flights of stairs) in that time. Did some light free weights and crunches. Felt even more shattered :)
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