Ordered some new shoes and shorts from Wiggle earlier this week: they arrived two days later, with no postage and package charge and a discount. Great service. And some yummy orange and white Wave Mavs for me to get nice and dirty.


  • you need shoes to get dirty meerkat?
  • but did you get Wiggle sweeties?
    I didn't!

  • ed - no, they get dirty all on their own!
    Jj - no sweeties for me either.
  • Ultra :- Thanks for the info. I have bought a few times from Sweatshop with equally good service, but it is always useful to know who can be relied upon.
  • Ordered from Wiggle last Sunday, got the shoes Tuesday lunchtime. Christened them on a muddy trail Weds pm. Fabulous service and a great price!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    I've got to do some wiggling soon, again

    Have wiggled before and was very impressed as well
  • Wiggled late Thursday afternoon and came in to work on Friday morning to find Wiggle package on my desk. Excellent service but no sweeties.
  • Whole lotta Wiggling goin' on !
  • i wiggled yesterday morning and my new shorts arrived today. sweets too but not the same ones as normal - these are called xstals?

    wiggle are fab
  • This is not fair. Why do some people get sweets and not others? I started a wiggle thread a couple of weeks ago and *I* haven't had any sweeties.


    [pads off to have a word with the Wiggle marketing department]
  • Have used Wiggle for four orders now. Orders have always arrived promptly - sometimes items are delayed for a week or so but in the meantime they send what is in stock.

    Fantastic website - with useful 'rank by price' feature - check it out on a regular basis to get some good bargains!

    Have also used 'On the Run' - forget it! The order took 6 weeks and two phone calls from me before they got it delivered!!!

    Sweatshop comes a close second to Wiggle - I use both now for what I want. What one of them doesn't have, the other will.

    Overall I reckon Wiggle and Sweatshop are the best on the web - delivery usually a couple of days after you place an internet order! Wiggle does give you a healthy 5%/10% discount but Sweatshop does have a good selection of heavily discounted 'sale' stock.

    Havn't had any Wiggle sweeties either! Are they an urban myth???
  • Duncan and Jj - M has had sweeties. I think she needs to be questioned at the next social...
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    i want sweeties, just what do you have to do to get some.
  • i'm eating my wiggle sweeties right now ;-)
  • Another Wiggle endorsement....

    I got a £5 evoucher for Wiggle and had never used Wiggle before - but a huge WOW for their order turn round !!
    I ordered yesterday morning and have received it less than 24 hours later - and this was using their free delivery option !!!


    (Just hope the shorts fit .....)
  • Used my £5 voucher at Wiggle yesterday on some trainers that were already reduced. Got them this morning, well chuffed. Just a shame I can't use them yet cus I've got a cold :(
  • How did you get the £5 voucher?

    Sorry, but I never pass up on the chance of a freebie....
  • Used my £5 voucher last night - hope the service is as good !! and I want sweeties.

    Duncan - my evoucher came through on email the other day from those nice people at RW

    Also have used Bourne sports and they were every prompt as well
  • Where do you enter the £5 voucher - can't sem to find anywhere to put the code?
  • Once you confirm the order there is a box for media code I think from memory - around about the same screen as you get free postage??
  • I've wiggled a couple of times, and manged to get sweeties on one occasion too.

    Very impressed with the delivery times, and that they don't charge for sending on items of your order which weren't in stock when the rest of your good were sent out.

  • I think wiggle is also very good but have recently stumbled across a website called www.look4leisure.com. It has a very comprehensive runnning section as well as many other sports - definately worth checking it out!
  • My one complaint about wiggle is the fact that they never answer E Mail enquiries, have so far sent off about 4 mails and had no replies even though it says that they'll respond within 1 hour. Anyone else had similar problems ? anyone know if you can reach them on the phone , if so what is their number
  • I've just emailed Wiggle - as my £5 evoucher hadn't been deducted, and they replied within 45 minutes saying that they'll refund the £5 .
    No Problem .
  • jeez potsta - given that you've mentioned that website in every one of the last 5 posts you've made people might think you've got a vested interest????

    (i can only go back 5 posts via your details pages so that may be unfair but looks like advertising to me?)

    ps - the advertising worked as i went to have a look but the range of womens clothing is truly pants (ronhill only!)
  • wiggled @ 2230 thursday, got order confirmation 1020 yesterday, goods arrived today at 0900 - complete with free sweets and being a cheepskate I opted for the free delivery as they said they only deliver Mon - Fri. All this and at a fraction of the cost to some other shops - excellent!
  • peeps, what is the website address? Thank you!
  • Mine hasnt arrived yet :-(
  • I only live up the road from wiggle do they do a counter service or is it just on the internet, i may pop in for some sweets :-)
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