Royal Marines Commando Challenge 7



  • I did register interest in this but am injured after Abingdon (should have guessed really) so just wish those that are doing it well.
  • well the time is near !!!!! good look to any formites doing this one. have fun.
  • Think its past the closing date so expect too late for this female to join a team?
  • Sorry please ignore my last update - I was a week out on my dates so its obviously too late. Never mind maybe someone will let me join them next year!
  • lazy bones have you done it before ?? and what kinda pace do you run???
  • No never done it before but always wanted to. Judging from your photo(!) and being a not particularly fast female, I think I'd be a bit out of your league. At least I've got 12 months now to get faster!

    Good luck to everyone taking part - hope to join you next year.
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