New bike next week

Hi so excited my new bike will be ready next a Litespeed Ghissalo,with dura ace and FSA superlite cranks,should weigh in at about 15 lbs,not sure what tyres to put on it,any thoughts out there ??


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    3" MTB ones - should help slow you down on that fast steed!

    (nice bike........envious)
  • How much was it, if you don't mind my asking? I'm looking for a new bike at mo

  • LOL thanks for that,just gotta get the legs to go with it now
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    julsz - no disrespect but if you NEED to ask how much a Litespeeed Ghisallo costs........then it may not be the bike for you.......frame alone is over £2500!!!
  • Yes have saved up and sold a lot of stuff to buy it,it was over 5k,please dont tell the wife,she said it hasnt even got any paint on it lol
  • 8o0

    well I hope it's got a flippin' big engine!!!
  • an amazingly good package for Tri is the Trek Equinox 11... Carbon Fibre aero frame and tri geometry - you can get one complete for £2,600 or something like that

    the Trek TT bike has the same frame and that alone costs £2,500 - so effectively you get the rest of the bike free

    i got one and i can't recommend it highly enough

  • that was for julz who is looking for a bike - i'm sure the litespeed is very nice, too!
  • mmmmmmmmm! Litespeed Vortex! Tha's what I want!
  • [puffs self up rather importantly]

    *I* was in Evans yesterday.

  • The clothes shop?
  • [very, very stern glare]
  • Is that a no?
  • I no longer frequent Evans Outsize, thank you.

    I was lookin' in Evans bicycling shop near Waterloo (I was lost, I was hot, and it was air-conditioned]
  • The Waterloo Road one? That's like... Heaven!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    nah Jon - you need a Cannondale six13 - me and MM were having a drool over one on Sunday.......
  • That's the one!

    So funny - I shouldn't hve been anywhere near it, but it was as though it called to me! LOL

    Had some nice clotheses in there, too.
  • Evans is rubbish, they staple hangers to the top of their Go gels, which rip the tops off when you try to remove them
  • FB... With Record gruppo?!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    yep Jon - carbon fibre everything...
  • I didn't look at the gels - I was looking at some jolly big bikes. And it was lovely and cool in there...

    I'd forgotten how awful London was in the heat. I sat at Kings Cross at about 6, and watched millions of sweaty cross people getting sweatier and crosser.
  • jj.. first goggles.. now frequenting bike shops.... it's a slippery slope :)
  • Thanks Candy, I'll look into that. My problem is I'm only little (5'2") and about 80-90% of bikes are too big for me anyway.

  • Evans in Waterloo Road Jj,

    I bet you were found drooling over the Spesh big hitter's - yum!

    I think there are more of the girlie bikes over in Evans shop in The Cut. Optional chest shaving razor supplied.

  • I wax.
  • So does Lance Armstrong......

    I think

  • Oh. I think it was The Cut. I remember thinking what a silly name for a road, especially as I wasn't supposed to be there.

    but it's near Waterloo.

    I'm confused.
  • There are two Evans shops near Waterloo.

    One on Waterloo Road opposite the train station and one on The Cut nearly opposite the New Vic theatre. The one on Waterloo Road has loads of lush full-sussers.

  • Then 'twas the one in The Cut.

    I didn't see any lushes in there, but it was a little early for chilled wine.
  • and eddum - it was an accident, I tell you.
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