Wednesday Session - 6 November


What: Nothing
Why: Midfoot ache; better not be a stress fracture!

Last hard: Wednesday
Last rest: Today


  • speedwork today
    o joy
  • Fed-up!

    What : Nothing due to an injury on left foot, seeing someone today,please please please dont be nothing serious.

    Why : Because im in pain.

    Last Hard :weekend off road

    Last Day : Today

  • Isn't it horrible doing nothing? My sympathies to everyone down with injury and illness. I've had a terrible sore throat and am fighting off this cold so missed yesterday's run.
    Last run: Sunday long run
    Next run: hopefully Friday morning. I've never looked forward to a first thing in the morning run as much as the one I hope to have on Friday. Looking forward to getting my voice back too!

    *cough, cough*
  • Had a really great run last night (was it me or was it really warm, had to strip off top layers ended up in short sleeves, it is November isn't it)don't know whether its because I have lost a few pounds, but it just seemed easier.
    (I did just say runing was easier didn't I)never thought I would ever say that.
  • was a great night for running last night - even with the fireworks...

    what: 5 miles easy
    why: stiff from last night's speed session - but would have gone easy anyway

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • I had a good run last night too - and it was really warm! We managed to get down to short sleeves as well, some of the lads even stripped down to shorts. It makes a nice change not to have 25 layers on.

    What: 5 miles steady inc strides
    Why: Easy session following last nights hills

    last hard: Yesterday
    last rest: Sunday
  • Morning all

    Tested my back out yesterday and all seems now to be OK – Marvellous
    Commiserations to all those with injuries and other such afflictions

    Lanny – I noticed it was rather warm last night as well


    What : (already done) 40 mins spinning @105rpm (PM) 1600m swim (hopefully)
    Why : It was supposed to be the other way round but the pool was closed due to chlorine problems and is hopeful of reopening later

    Last Hard Day : One does not remember
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • Just a recovery run and a few weights.
    Did weights earlier this week for the first time in a couple of years.
    I Couldn't believe how sore I was yesterday morning!
    felt like a truck had run over me.
  • What: Club run first time in ages
    Why: um, why the eck not
    Last Hard day: yesterday piddly little post marathon run was hard - legs like lead etc.. and yes, it was very hot. Couldn't believe it
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Morning all.

    It seems to be the day for injury induced rest. I did five "easy" miles last night which felt like someone had turned the clock back six months.

    As a result, todays 5 mile tempo has been cancelled. Tomorrow i'm working a 12 hour shift and this will give me two rest days to ease the pain in my lower right leg.

    Rest is best!
  • what: 8 mile easy
    why: recovery/endurance
    last hard day: hill rep pyramid last night
    last rest: Monday

    bon courage and speedy recovery to those poorinjured souls out there.
  • Hi all.

    What: Bodypump class tonight, followed by attempt to do a steady run on the treadmill.
    Why: Rehabilitation following idiocy-induced ankle injury. It's just GOT to be ready to cope with a little run now. If not, the swimming pool beckons.
    Last hard day: Almost three weeks ago.
    Last rest day: Yesterday. And the previous 9 days. May I join you in a snarling session, Psi?
  • It's raining sideways in Tunbridge Wells today.

    What: 3 miles easy plod through muddy fields
    Why: Hal Higdon says so
    Last hard: Monday's long run
    Last rest: yesterday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: am - 6 miles steady, pm - same
    Why: Don't have enough time to do 10 miles in one go so this will have to do.
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Monday

    Snicks, the negative split (was it 9 minutes?) shows that you could probably have made up some time over the first half of the race. Very few runners have the ability to do negative splits (Paula Radcliffe swears by them) Bearing in mind your lack of training leading up to Dublin a 3:30 is well within your grasp at FLM next year. At that rate you'll be running sub 3 hours by 2005.
  • What - 13 mile interval steady out then effort intervals all spaced out by bridges,splish,splash,splosh
    Why - I must obey

    Last hard yesterday
    Last rest - monday
  • Dreeeew! You, you....really? Excellent. That's what I'm hoping for - ie sub 3:30 and sub 3. Yeah, it was nine minutes, and I did wonder if I might have been able to go a bit faster at the beginning of the race. But it was a great laugh, chatting and all that, so I'm not too worried. Yesterday's thoughts of triatholon are put aside for a while. Think I should I try and get as good as I can at running now. Sorry to hijack the training thread - you know what will happen next, Drew, I'll give up drinking! Horrors!
  • What- 11 mile long run 1hr 45m (hoping for faster time) but did 2 killer hills
    Why- Wed long run day
    Last hard- Mon
    Last rest- tues

    During my 11 mile (longest run to date) today my left ankle and achilles area started to ache but wasn,t bad enough to stop, it is aching a bit now, next run 7 mile on Friday, hope the ache subsides by then.

    Nice and sunny in Durham today........
  • Giggle, laugh, snort!
    Sorry, am still chuckling over Achilles latest masterpiece on the other HR thread on the Training forum - go on, take a look! It'll be worth it I promise.

    Welcome back to forum land Vrap - have you missed us?

    Off for 6 mile run now.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Witchy - great that you think it's getting easier - sometimes you go for ages feeling you are getting nowhere, and all of a sudden it falls into place.

    V-rap - Forgot to ask how Ben Nevis went. I was thinking about you and Kevin when I was doing the half in Fort William at the weekend. Was there much snow at the top?

    Snicks - congrats on your marathon time. I doubt I'll ever get near 4 hours, never mind 3!

    What: Undecided between short easy run to get rid of the stiffness, or a swim/sauna for fun.
    Why: Still a bit tired from Sunday's half.

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Mon/Tues
  • Nessie, there was so much snow on Ben Nevis that Mountain Rescue wouldn't let us go to the summit. Which is why we ended up taking a scenic route back to Fort William involving a stile with a muddy puddle at the bottom that I thought I could jump over only to discover that my boots had more lateral movement then I'd expected.

    Kevin was very disappointed and I've promised her that we'll try again in May.

    Yes, Laura, I've missed you all. Got lots of work done, though.
  • What: am - swim, pm club run, prob 5-6 miles
    Why: trying to get better at swimming, managed 6 lengths front crawl then reverted to breast stroke for the rest. Last nights session with the juniors wasn't too taxing so should manage a decent run tonight
    Last hard day: Sun
    Last rest day: Mon
  • I neeeeeeed a holiday. Missed the forum thread as been in Zurich for the last two days. Haven't had any holidays since the beginning of July and two marathons in October have left me feeling exceedingly jaded. Four weeks of my annual leave left to take before Christmas - but no chance to take it..........bum!

    What: Have a good gripe and then maybe five steady.
    Why: Tired, tired tired.
    Last hard day: Over a week ago
    Last rest day: Yesterday (enforced)
  • Martin work is something you do to live not live to do – take some time off
  • WildWill - you're dead right, one of my favorite phrases is:

    Nobody on their death-bed ever said "I wish I'd spent more time in the office"

    Actually I plan a week this month and then three weeks over Christmas - and I can't wait!
  • OK, more serious mode now.

    Sorry to hear about your injuries folks. Take it easy. Vrap - next time can you please arrange for a locum to take your place on the forum - you think it's a coincidence so many injuries have appeared on your first day back? Sorry Ben Nevis was snowed under, great to hear of a teenager moaning 'cause they couldn't get to the top of a mountain...
    What: 6 m iles easy
    Why: supposed to be marathon pace but died half way around, then remembered I hadn't eaten or drunk since 8 o' clock this am. Well, that's my excuse anyway.
  • Greetings All,

    back to the gym today as the muscular distress I've been experiencing since my last visit (saturday) has just about receeded enough to allow me to wreck myself all over again.

    What: 1 hr in gym, stationary bike, rower, weights, you know the score.
    Why: Cross training
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    WW/Martin - at my old place I was the only person who ended the year in holiday deficit.They give me 25 days I sure as hell am going to take them.Some sad twat always carried over about 10-15 days.
    I digress...
    What : went out for my midweek 11 miler on road/trail and ran it in around 82 mins.It rained continually for the duration (and into the afternoon).Legs aching now tho'....
    Why : midweek long run (trying to stick to off road
    Last hard : today
    Last rest : Sunday
  • Evening all,

    What: 8.4 miles (2 easy, 5 fartlek, rest easy)
    Why: Speed work (first for a while)
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: 10 days

  • Hmm,

    Was no-one else rained on today ??

    What:- 6.5 miles steady in terential rain, got totally and utterly soaked

    Why:- did'nt look outside the office window before starting out

    Last hard run:- Sat (speed work)
    Last rest:- yesterday

  • What: 50 min club session, some rain, loads of hills
    Why: It's Wednesday

    Last hard: Today
    Last rest: Yesterday
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