Following the undoubted success of the thread in "general" relating to why newbies find it difficult to join in here, I hereby stake a claim for some of this URWFRC territory, in the name of the meek, the shy and the abashed.

I call out to all you old hands, reach out and embrace your fellow forumites (and if you've no idea what i'm on about, just for once leave this place and have a look at the aforementioned thread!).


  • Oh Filbert, bless. We were all newbies once you know, and even I a very shy badger who lurked for ages and ages.

    [Reaches out to embrace Filbert]
  • HI there Filbert Welcome,

    have you joined the URWFRC Club site too?
  • G'Day mate,welcome.

    (ruffles Filberts head in welcoming, bonding type of gesture...)
  • Blimey, Filbert stops in to say hello, and gets molested by a bunch of Dark Siders. Poor lad.

    Welcome anyway, F.
  • Welcome Filbert!

    Enjoy this mad forum!


  • There was life before the darkside though wasn't there Venom? We weren't always darksiders (well ok we were obviously sad mad people in need of a home) it may have changed the RWUFRC forever but it has only been going for a few weeks.
    Anybody can do anything with any thread here. Even the darkside belongs just as much to the nightsiders now. Things change so quickly in forumland. You share ownership by joning in, or by starting your own thing, that is all it takes.

    And Filbert, I am usually LongDistanceBadger and when my cub is big enought to go off on his own, I shall return to my proper name. (Sorry for any confusion..)
  • Like your picture Filbert....
  • Quite agree, LDB. One day I shall join you in the dark side...
  • Venom - with your picture you look like you've already been there!
  • Welcome Filbert.
    You can't leave now,it's too late!
    We want Venom's scary picture on the nightside.
  • Yeah! a few late nights eh venom?
  • Oh.. You guys!

    Thankyou for the warm (and very speedy) responses. I'm hoping that many more join with me (I have advertised on the other thread!)

    There certainly seem to be a lot of furry forest critturs here. I've never embraced a badger before, but thanks anyway.

    Swissbobby, yes I have and my bio is on there, but it's nice to get a foot in the door here.

  • OK guys, I promise I'll make a late night dark side visit sometime. Perhaps tonight, you never know...
  • I know a lot of you have speedy broadband connections and understanding bosses, which unfortunately I don't (dial-up, at home).

    I will be back, later though, so keep hugging!
  • Hi Furry Filbert

    What a brave fox! Welcome!

    It's lucky I've already met you in the flesh or I would be very scared to enter into that dark world of which you speak late at night. People, Venom is actually a sweet boy who showed me all his gadgets very willingly after Windsor.
  • See you soon.....!
  • See you later.

    Me go run,me go lift heavy things.Ugg!
  • Who left the trapdoor open again? No Newbies her just a load of Darksiders, anyone for a group hug? (In a nervous kind of typing)
  • Barkles,

    New pic? At this rate we'll soon be challenging Captain Beaky and his band for the "most animals in unusual setting" award.
  • Its a long story mate.
  • Ah... a stag do!
  • hi, im a shy little devil too, but have been 'listening in' to the be honest I dont have any idea what your going on about half the time....but it whiles away the hours at work.

  • Hi DD, I'm no dark sider - never been in the place. Don't confuse me with those guys!

    As for "sweet boy", I'm just going to have to ignore that slight upon my venom-ness.
  • Welcome one and all. We were all new once and I suspect that most of us just sort of watched what was going on for a while before getting involved. After a while it becomes a part of your life and you wake up wondering what you have missed.
  • In your case TAFKADB, we would have missed about five transformations!

    Venom - I think your face is a bit scary for the darkside, we are really only a bunch of furry forest dwellers and a nice bottom!
  • Hello pretty bright devil, by the way! I know of a big green monster with BIG horns who might take a shine to you....

    Filbert - does this thread not say something to you? Does it not say that those darksiders are actually very friendly huggy fluffy type people .......

    Better stop ruining our image...
  • Quite right my love.
  • fluffy?

  • WW

    You're the fluffiest of them all!

  • I don't know, you go away for five minutes and everyone changes their names and their pictures. BTW, it's catching, because V-rap (she who must be obeyed) has dubbed me Holy Sassie, so I might just be making that official!
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