So scunnered

This is the end of my 3rd week break from running, Doc say's at least 4 for injury to fully recover. At first I was at the gym 5 nights per week, oh how boring & sad, 2nd week I noticed it was down to 3 with me having to drag myself out. Last week, one night, in between I had been going out on my bike, that is before I buckled the chain thing. So no bike, no running, and no motivation to go to the gym. This week I am determined to get back to the gym & I got the bike repaired and returned yesterday, so next week is looking a bit better. And off course the retail therapy I had was to purchase a new sports watch which will require a workout too. But it is so hard when you know you cant but you want to, and with 3 races coming up ( now training jogs ) I think scunnered just sums it up !!!


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