Thursday Session - 7 November

Grr. Foot still playing up. At least I can cycle and swim.

What: 10 mile cycle; 1km swim
Why: Can't run, still.

Last hard: Will be today. (Hey, I swim hardcore! ;) )
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • Cold and sunny here in Huddersfield.
    What: 5 mile tempo.
    Why: Club night.
    Last hard: Tuesday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Work has really interfered with my training for the past three days - three 'working lunches' in a row. So much for worklife balance.
  • what: nothing
    why: haven't had enough recovery. In any case, am looking at a schedule which involves 3 rest days in every fortnight at the moment. Had only 1 last week; this will be the second for this week.

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • In the words of the Alliterative Achilles:

    what: Planned Pacesetting Podiatric Perambulation = 7.5 mile steady
    why: Exigeant Endurance Educational Exercise
    last hard day: Tues
    last rest day: monday
    last hilarity : HR threads yesterday

    Tomorrow I will try to advance to 5P's, I'm sure this will achieve a significant upturn in my humour.
  • Morning All - cold but bright here in the north east.

    What: Probably speed work or hills
    Why: Club night

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Yesterday
    (Didn't manage to get out for my run last night so I will do it on Friday instead - but did go to the gym at lunch time and did an hour of Tae Bo at 9.30pm)
  • Morning all, at home with poorly child today so unable to get out for a run.

    What: 90 mins in gym.
    Why: Good use of time whilst daughter does footy training. Will continue my highly structured routine of jumping onto any machine that happens to be available.
    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

    sfhl did you use to introduce The Good Old Days?
  • Morning all

    What : (AM)hoping to get a bit circuit training in during lunch (PM) 6mile Steady
    Why : Decided to go out tomorrow night so want 2 reduce tomorrows sessions from 3 to 2: hence I’ve moved my circuit training

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Yesterdays rain has finally given way to some sunshine,but still quite chilly.

    What : 5 mile steady
    Why : legs tired after Tuesdays intervals and yesterdays quicker than planned long run.
    Last hard : yesterday
    Last Rest : Sunday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Morning - sunny and chilly in London; better than yesterday's dismal weather!

    What: 5 miles steady
    Why: Still coughing madly so Tuesday's run was a quick 2.5 miles instead of the 5 I'd planned.
    Last hard: Can't remember.
    Last rest: yesterday.

    Have been taking it easy while recovering from horrible cold/hacking cough - no sense in killing myself. Am also a bit concerned at the moment because of all these attacks on women by the 'trophy rapist'. A woman was attacked on Monday in Cockfosters, which is a very close to home and makes me a bit wary about running alone. The police haven't confirmed it was the same attacker - last I read they were interviewing her to see if there were any similarities with 'trophy' cases. She managed to get away, fortunately.
  • Greetings. Brilliant sunshine in Tunbridge Wells.

    What: 5 miles steady
    Why: As ever - Hal Higdon says so. Looking forward to the weekend, when Hal will let me run at marathon pace!!!
    Last hard: Monday
    Rest: Tuesday

    Be careful Minkin
  • Bright and crisp here on the south coast - makes a nice change!
    What: peak physique (weights class)
    Whay: Thurs is gym day
    last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull and cold - may even wear a warmish top tonight!

    What : steady 7 miler
    Why : Club night
    Last Hard Day : Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Yesterday (unintentionally as I got to work late!)
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: weights + 35 minute easy run
    Why: easy day after two quite hard days on trot
    Last rest day: Monday
    Last hard day: yesterday
  • Hi Everyone!

    Beautiful day in Woking (home) and London (work).

    What: gym - leg workout (ouch!), core/abs & stretch
    Why: flabby inner thighs!, core is important/abs are flabby too! & stretchin is important too
    Last Hard Day: Sunday (approx 12 miles)
    Last Rest Day: Saturday

    Legs-Like-Jelly Shambler!

  • Look out for yourself, Minkin.

    What: Probably a walk. Might jog a bit.
    Why: Ankle DEFINITELY not up to running properly yet - tried last night.
    Last rest day: Tuesday.
    Last hard day: Two or three weeks ago.
    Last embarrassing day: Yesterday. Went to gym, started weight class and quickly felt awful. Got out discreetly before hurling everything I'd swallowed since lunchtime (coffee, mostly). Very poor quality lifting for the rest of session. Aborted plans to step or swim. Glad I was on foot because I couldn't have driven home safely. Mild vertigo all evening. Almost settled now. We-e-e-ird!

    Definitely out for Cheddar. B*gg*r.
  • What - rest so just 2.30 tennis
    Why - tired after yesterdays intervals

    Weather well the usual slanting rain, v. heavy balls out there today
  • Im Back!!!

    After coming back from my hols middle oct, arriving with the flu and a foot injury I have finally completed my first run on the roads.

    What: AM : Weights arms,legs & abs
    PM : 8km run

    Why: Weights everyday and run was to see what ankle could do.

    Last rest day: seems like forever.

    Its good to be back.
  • What: Body Balance, you know the one, yoga type thing
    Why: I teach it tonight. Ran a good nine mile session with the club last night. Not running tonight as I want to save myself for Autumn Challenge on Sunday, and I'm still meant to be in recovery mode from the Marathon
    Last rest: Monday
    Last hard: last night was hardish

    Drew, are you doing some sort of winter strength thing - endurance in the summer, did you say that, or did someone else?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Snicks, I think it was me who said it.

    Until end of year I'm focusing on strength & endurance, rather than speed work. Doing more long runs & tempo runs + hill reps (which I've never done before) + 2 or 3 weight sessions per week. During the summer I was doing 2 track sessions per week with too few long runs. I'll review my progress after Christmas.

    Why were you asking????
  • What:
    AM - Swim 1500m
    PM - 8 miles easyish
    Why: Had a hard run yesterday
    Last rest - 10 days ago

  • Time for me to butt in if that's OK. I'm finally back into more structured training. The first really since pre FLM.


    What: Hill reps
    Why: Thursday is hills day
    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: yesterday (forgat running shoes and out in evening)


    Tell me if you think this routine is OK, please :

    Monday: 6 miles, moderate
    Tuesday: Intervals on track
    Wednesday: 6 miles easy
    Thursday: Hill reps
    Friday: Rest
    Staurday: Long run
    Sunday: Recovery run

    I'm just trying to get my speed and endurance up a I feel that I've lost both (certainly endurance) since the FLM.

    many thanks,

  • Looks like I knackered up the hyperlinks good and proper, BRING BACK THE EDIT FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Same message just with links fixed

    What: 8.2 miles (including middle 10K as a variable pace run)
    Why: It's a track workout that's supposedly excellent during marathon prep.
    Last hard run: definitely today.
    Last rest day: monday.

    Well this is certainly a tough workout. Basically the idea is to try and run 10K continuously whilst alternating 400m @ 5K pace with 400m @ marathon pace. You just keep going until it becomes impossible to maintain the pace. Apparently (according to Frank Horwill) this workout is 'golden'. I dunno about that but I was on the brink of barfing after 18 laps!!
  • mm,

    That looks like an awesome session!!!

    Can't believe you did 18 laps.

    I'm seriously thinking of giving it a go next Tuesday...I bet I don't do as many as 8 laps!!
  • Ratbag,

    it's damn tough! I had to take a 3 minute break after 18 laps just so I could finish the session (the final 7 laps)!!!
  • at last I don't feel too inadequate to post on here after two and a bit post-marathon weeks of feeling totally pathetic.

    What: 6 x 1 mile at 10K-5K pace
    Why: Frank Horwill's idea, see below
    Last Hard Day: Tuesday
    Last Rest day: Friday

    like MM, I've been rediscovering the delights of Frank Horwill's little corner of the Serpie website, in particular his groovy number entitled "shaping up to the 10K challenge". (sorry can't do links unlike some people!)

    rather than launch back into marathon training right away, I thought I'd try out the theory that you should first improve you 10K time.

    anyway, Frank's bright idea for a 10K programme is to have you training a 10 day cycle where basically you're running intervals EVERY OTHER DAY (apart from one where you get to relax with a 1/2M pace 13 miler!)

    that's the 13 miler to start with

    then 3 x 2 miles at 10K pace

    then 5 x 800m at 3K pace

    then 4 x 1 mile at 5K pace

    then 8 x 400m at 1500m pace

    each with a recovery day in between.

    then you start all over again.

    I've never seen a programme with so much interval training - it's got to do one of two things, either get you really fast really quickly, or destroy your musculo-skeletal system so completely that you can never run again. I'll keep you posted.

    it's well worth checking out this well written and entertaining Frank Horwill corner. as MM reports, he has some positively gut-churning work-outs if you're feeling truly masochistic!

    respect, MM, for doing that one! I can sense my lunch coming unstuck just thinking about it.

  • MM,
    I fancy giving that session a go. It sounds pretty tough!

  • Drew, you being training guru/ club coach, I wondered why - is it a secret formula for running success? It sounds good - should we all do it! BTW well done MM
  • Snicks, Ratbag, Achilles and Hilly,
    although Horwill's workouts are tough as hell you can't argue with the results he's produced over the years. I was really interested to see his comment in his 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' marathon training article that he coached a female athlete to a 2:54 (first marathon) on 4 workouts (~40 miles) per week consisting of long slow run, variable pace run (the horror referred to above), marathon pace session and a 10K pace workout.

    The Shaping up to the 10K Challenge article which Achilles refers to is basically all speedwork (as he says) with 1 longish run every 10 days. and it becomes clear after looking at a few of Horwill's workouts that he really focuses on quality rather than quantity. BTW Achilles, doing 6x1 mile at that pace is heroic/crazy/seriously divorced from reality (delete as applicable).

    I won't know about the benefits of this run for a while but plan on making it a regular part of my workout as it really feels like it's doing some good (?!), thoroughly recommend it.

    Snicks, does your piccie change everyday? Liked the one of you pulling the, um.., well let's say 'stern' expression the best so far.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    RB, your training plan looks reasonable, although I would maybe consider doing a 30 minute recovery run on the Wednesday rather than the 6 miler. I would suggest you try it out for the next 6 weeks or so and review the situation then. It is very important that you monitor your progress during this period and also ensure that your hill reps and interval sessions very gradually increase in intensity, either by taking a shorter recovery or increasing your pace.

    Snicks, lots of the training/coaching information available suggests working in 6 week cycles and to focus on specific areas that you feel require attention. I'll let you know if it works or not in 6 weeks! Never having done hill reps before I'm not sure what to expect the improvements (if any) to be. Since this year's FLM I've not really done many long runs, so I've got to start again. I'm aiming to do a 20+ miler on Saturday or Sunday.

    MM, quite fancy that workout. Sounds painful. I'd have to do the alternate laps in 84 & 94 secs. If I don't do it tomorrow (track session planned) I'll attempt it next week.

    Achilles, I think doing intervals every other day would destroy my musculo-skeletal system. BUT as I am a true masochist, when it comes to training, may give it a try when I've recovered from the 2003 FLM.
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