Hit a brick wall....



  • Hi Foxy,

    Saran is probably spot on with the advice. I was told for many years that i had asthma and took all sorts of inhalers until it got to the stage could barely get upstairs, was sleeping all of the time, generally had no motivation for anything and did an 8 mile race in 1 hr 17. Eventually I made such a pest of myself at the doctors one bright spark decided he would take a blood sample and my blood count was 7. (Last time I did the same 8 mile race I did it in 53.22 having taken iron). Some of the symptoms are shortness of breath, dizzy spells and feeling tired and lethargic. It could also be that you have a virus in your system that just needs time to clear but the only way to confirm either is go to the docs. Also if this persists and you are not happy with the diagnosis then keep going back.

    However one good point is that chocolate has loads of iron in it so go get that fruit n' nut bar!!!!
  • Saran,
    It's something I have thought about and put it to the back of my head (stupid I know). I think you could have a very good point though and I will check it out! thanx

    It is very reassuring to know that you're not the only one (as it feels) who goes through it and with all this good advice I know I'll/we'll get through it! and as for the chocolate - i just think the bigger the better.... [hee hee] - that should stop the G falling down!

    the iron tablets? is it the size? (if so, I just shove them in anyhow!!)

    Hill Runner,
    If the iron tablets could make me run 8 miles in 53.22 - I'll have a lorry load ~(my time is probably more like yours when you're iron levels were extremely low...) - I'll give them a go and maybe I could be the next Paula.... [yeah in my dreams]

    Thanks guys - I'm feeling so much better for it already and will be taking a little of all the advice and see where it gets me!
    Watch this space....
  • No, tummy trouble dear, wont go into it here, but not very nice
  • Thought it just turned black..... should I just overdose on brocolli instead?
  • very black, and runny
  • Hi Foxy,

    I remember on other threads, that both Hilly and Shattered Shins have mentioned a type of drink (could it just be water?) called Spatone. Apparently, it has lots of iron in it, and does the same job as tablets, but without the creative digestive side-effects. I believe the stuff is available in shops such as Holland and Barret.
  • Thanks Hilde, I'll have a look for it this weekend... (that would force me to drink more water/fluids - like I should)
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