Tuesday Session - 12 November


What: Nothing for at LEAST another week - possibly two. Want to give my self a good chance to heal.
Why: Foot injury.

Last hard: some time ago...
Last rest: Today.


  • what: play it by ear - probably 3-5 miler with some sprints as I feel the need for speed.

    why: brighton means i'm having a last ditch heavy week - no taper - just no saturday run.

    last hard: last week

    last rest: weekend

  • Morning all - Seems to have warmed up a bit in Germany and it was 6.5 degrees in my village this morning.

    Last night was cross training so I did 25 minutes on stationery cycle (13 km) and 12 minutes on the rower. Much harder session than I expected and was sweating like a you-know-what. A friend has asked me if I want to the the L'etap du tour and I'm seriously tempted, info here for anyone else who might be interested - seems like a challenge (Drew? Marmite Master?)

    Today: 40 minutes steady
    Why: All I can manage with sore knee at the moment.
    Last hard day: Well yesterday wasn't easy
    Last rest day: Friday

    Doing all my non-treadmill sessions in the dark at the moment (no street lights where I live) and finding my Petzl headtorch really quite fun - recommended!
  • I know how you feel PSI!!

    Spent 3hrs in the hospital last night to get my ankle checked out, could just about walk, and there is no sign of damage to the ankle or the foot, so just advised rest.

    What: Nowt
    Why: Read above
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: monday
  • Morning all

    Had to miss out on last nights spinning session due to stomach problems – but feeling a bit better this morning

    What : (AM) Circuit Training (PM) 6-mile hard
    Why : (AM) Strength (PM) Club handicap race

    Last hard day : Yesterdays swim
    Last Hard Run : Thursday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • 2 hour 10-12 mile steady run (fat burning)with club tonight.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Got a couple of meetings that will kill off most of the day, so hopefully tonight:

    4*1 mile at 10k pace 400m recovs on road
    Why : wekly intervals
    Last Hard : Sundays long run
    Last Rest : Thursday
  • Morning All

    AM 2-3 miles easy on treadill
    PM Hills @ club
    Why: Strength work tonight but need to get some miles in as well.

    Last hard:Friday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Good morning everyone

    What: either nothing or treadmill intervals (think I'll try 800m ones)

    Why: trying to keep up the hard/easy split of effort, wes will be enforced rest and last night was a 7.5mi/70% HR steady effort.

    last hard day: sun (short race= tempo run)
    last rest: sat

    some seriously impressive reports by folks of their recent efforts: Hilly, Parky, Laura L - well done to all.

    BTW Laura I found your fell race report most enightening/daunting. After your advice earlier in the year I'd presumed you were a downhill expert - you know wings, feet hardly touch the ground etc. And 1800ft....half that did for me and it was dry! don't think I'm ready for that yet.
  • Morning,

    What: Nothing
    Why: Long run yesterday

    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Sunday

    HRM comes tomorrow, so will be starting heart rate training from then.
  • Morning all,

    Hurrah, appalling weather and my day off for running.

    Sorry to hear about continuing injuries - how does it affect the day job PSI?

    What: xtraining - upper body strength and stretching - in the privacy of my own landing.
    Why: I'm a sissy. And seriously out of proportion!

    Thanks sfh legs, yeah I thought I was more experienced too, until I tried keeping up with the experts running downhill quickly.
    Now, about my HR...
  • Morning All,

    sorry to hear about your injuries Psi and Speedie. Try not to get too frustrated as I'm sure we all know how annoying injuries can be.

    What : Nothing
    Why : My legs are a bit sore, and got a work meeting (grrr work interfering with my running!), where we may find out how many of us are for the chop (what a nice Christmas present).

    Last Hard Day : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Saturday
  • Hi Everybody

    What: hour an a half gentle jog around my local town.
    Why: otherwise I'd be with the boys on the Tuesday night sup, and since I'm again trying to kick the evil weed, I think its best to keep temptation at arms length!

    Have a good 'un all and lets hope this rain lets off a bit - otherwise I'll just have ducks for company tonight!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Martin, a very tempting offer. Do you know what stage they will be covering next year?

    Parky, good luck today. I went through the same scenario last month. Not a very nice experience, especially when your best friend gets the chop and you don't!

    What: am - weights + 4.2 miles steady, pm - 8 miles, including 4 miles at 10k pace
    Why: planned sessions.
    Last hard day: yesterday's hill reps were a wee bit hard
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Greetings

    What: probably resting, with some strength and stretching this evening. Although I may nip out for a few miles
    Why: Got a serious all-day boozing and eating session lined up for tomorrow, so need to arrange training around that.
    Last hard day: Yesterday's 13 miles
    Last rest: Sunday

  • Hi all. Psi, Speedie, I hope you both make an uneventful recovery. Parky, I hope you don't get the chop unless the chop is what you want.

    What: Just swimming, alas.
    Why: Kevin-sitting tonight, and unlikely to be able to stray far from workplace during daylight hours. Still, better than nothing, but I'm a one-stroke wonder so my swims are no more than fat-burning and maintenance sessions.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Injured friends - rest, rest and more rest! Do not be tempted to venture out before you're really ready.

    What: Hopefully 4-mile tempo run, if it's not chucking it down. Otherwise, probably nothing. I don't mind running in the rain, but the current torrential downpours are no fun at all.
    Why: I haven't been doing much in terms of working on improving my speed over the past few weeks, due to a slight calf strain followed by a heavy cold. Need to restart a few tempo sessions and some speed work.
    Last hard: Last REALLY hard some time ago; last relatively hard probably about 3 weeks ago.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
  • what: the Tuesday quality session with the Wirral runners
    why: a question I may well ask myself towards the end of the session

    last hard day: Tue
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon

    Laura - wrt your problems recovering from the club session (posted yesterday) - I quite understand! At the moment, even on Thursday I'm not quite back to normal.
  • What: 5K treadmill, fast as I can.
    Why: Rationed to 5K every other day by the physio, no speedwork - want to maximise the benefits! Treadmill for logistical convenience - stuff happening tonight.

    Last rest: Monday
    Last hard: Sunday - Stowmarket 7
  • What: 10 mile fartlek with club
    Why: It's the done thing.
    LAst hard run: Tonight
    Last rest day: Yesterday

    I'm really frightened by the statement "It's an absolute classic Alpine mountain stage...", since Ulrich, Armstrong and Pantanni (sic?) look like they suffer on these stages which would virtually guarantee a near-death experience for me ;-)
  • Drew - my understanding is that its over the same route each year. I know some people who entered a team last year and most took the training very seriously. There is a sweep vehicle that picks up the "slower" racers which I also understand is a quite a high percentage!

    MM - Yes it looks tough but its probably hurtling off the edge on a fast downhill that'll kill you rather than the heart attack on the uphill stretches!

    E-mail me anyone who fancies entering.
  • Morning all,

    Should be meeting two fellow firumites today at th track.

    What: 1200m interval training. First time at this distance so don't know how many reps I'll manage. Aiming for 4 x with 1 lap recovery.

    Why: Speed work of course - I need more speed!

    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: Saturday

    My colleague at work does the Etape every year. It's HARD!!!
  • What: Can't be bothered to think about it, so I think I'll do some hills and some fartlek
    Why: It's tuesday
    Last hard: Sunday's XC
    Last rest: yesterday
    Drew - do you train twice every day? Sorry, to seem over interested in your training schedules but I know you get results and I'm just very impressed.
  • What: tempo run in the rain this morning. Club Handicap race this evening - 2 miles at high speed, with the club kids overtaking me in the last 100 yards.
    Why: it's Tuesday
    Last hard: Sunday's long run IN THE RAIN
    Last easy: Monday's gentle jog with Rachael
    (we met through this forum!)

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Snicks, depends on what's happening at work and what my wife's doing but during the week I'll train twice per day as often as I can. If I'm also doing a weight session then sometimes I'll do three sessions.

    Morning session is usually on the treadmill, after I've dropped my son off at nursery. I also generally do my cross training, using my turbo trainer, quite late on (last night I started the session at 9pm)

    If you are doing 2 sessions per day then a key issue is recovery. If my HR's too high I won't do the session!

  • What: 40mins on elliptical trainer
    Why: cos I won't get home till 9.00pm ish
    Should be a rest night, but I've got some energy left.
  • Woke up this morning with incredibly stiff ankles - a result of Sun's XC I guess. So changed planned speedwork into cross training at the gym, elliptical thingy, bike etc
    Last hard day: Sun
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • My god Drew, I'm impressed. You probably train at the level of an athlete. I salute you sir. I'm being particularly lazy tonight. Might not do my hills/fartlek sesh after all, but I'm allowing myself some 'give' as it's only week three post-marathon.
  • Awful, awful 3 miler - what was planned as my usual round the block with 3X 200m sprints ended up a very slow farlek (lots of walking) - And i know why

    Ladie and gents i belive it's decision time
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Snicks, love your new name! Don't worry about being lazy as you deserve 4 weeks lazing around after your tremendous Dublin result.

    If I could find an extra 5 hours per week then I would probably agree with your statement, however unless I win the lottery that ain't going to happen.
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