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  • Cath - hahaha you are probably right.

    Ive never seen this thread before. Soon as I started reading it I thought of that line, then I saw youd actually got cancer (what are the chances of that!!) and felt bad for thinkin it then I saw you got better so I thought bugger it why not!!??

    Moral of this story is not to think too much!

    BTW, incredible story. You're an inspiration, as I'm sure you are well aware.

    Dont mind me, Im just bored and cold and trying to do anything to not go runnin :o(
  • Pixel -- to be honest, I'm not really fussed anymore about time. What will be will be. Pretty much the time that matters in life is the here and now. The things we do and the people we are to others, that's what matters. Of course, I won't be that philosophical on April 23rd when I'm on mile 22!!


    Toby -- No worries, I wasn't offended by the implying I needed a shag... it was the sympathy which did it!


  • 11:30pm 23rd April 2006


    3 years on from finishing treatment and look what we have here... just got home. I am what is commonly referred to as SHATTERED. I've been this tired before. But the last time I was this achey and tired... it was a worrying thing. This time, it's a contented "holy hell, I've just run a marathon!" happy!!!!

    So... Lochaber (same day as London... so had a marathon story to tell with all my friends too). There was alot of support on the course and it was a lovely day! Was really nice to see everyone (Lunacy & Mr, Shades, JaneM, Nessie & Mr, Running for Beer). Marshalling, mountain rescue and water stations were really really well manned. I was very impressed.

    As for MY race... some parts were a bit lonely because I was running on my own but the marshalls riding up and down on their bikes and mountain rescue and first aid people going by really made the difference. When most people finish they are dehyrated... me..? I was desperate for a pee for the last 8 miles. Consequently, ran alot slower than I wanted to mainly because me bladder was up to me neck! There was no way I was letting anyone see my bum and it's not as if there was anywhere to pee anyways!! (Missed the loos). Was pipped at the post by Running-for-Beer (you sod!)


    Managed a 05:17:43 time (on my Garmin) so was quite pleased with that. Three years of regaining fitness, going through injury after injury and flu twice... I ended up bursting into tears on the finish line and Shades gave me a big hug and a lovely cup of tea and a sandwich!!

    The race organiser has given me a duplicate medal as well, so I can actually have that one engraved with my name and give it to the oncologist when I see him in June. Last year I took him a half-marathon medal and told him I was going to do a marathon and he said "I hope you do". The idea of giving him the medal is, the next time he treats a young patient, who is scared sh!tless with worry and is convinced she's going to die... he can say "look at this, this is what your treatment will allow you to do".

    HOPE. Is why I ran that race today. To give it to other people who are where I have been. Plus, I raised £1300 sponsorship money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.. whose nurses looked after me very well when I was sick.

  • Cath what an inspiration.

    I remember reading and following your threads from the beginning.

    Good on you - how lovely to be able to give your Dr a medal and what a good reason for it!

    Keep on keepin on girl x
  • Kiwi... actually, I think today really closed that chapter of the book for me. I don't know why but it feels like I've really done a huge thing. I didn't have any choice in how I dealt with the cancer. I didn't really feel like I was brave. But today, I DID have a choice and I chose to run, mainly for me... for my own peace of mind that I'm fit and healthy... but also for others. Now I've not just run the race, I've set up hope for other people too. It's hard to go through what I have and see people like Lance Armstrong or Jane Tomlinson et al... because it doesn't seem real. But when YOUR oncologist is holding a medal that one of HIS patients brought back after doing a marathon after THE SAME treatment... it can only give alot of hope.


    (I hope so anyway, it was what I needed at the time and didn't have).
  • moomoomoomoo ✭✭✭
    Brilliant, Cath- well done xx ! :))
    I was quite aware that all the action today was not only at the FLM- all those names you mentioned were people I saw last time I was at Lochaber! :))

    (From a spectator's view, no bladder problems for me for the first time ever at Mudchute, so I guess my health is definitely back too!!):D




    Very pleased with that.
  • Wow wow wow....ur are a superstar....hope you're sitting somewhere with your feet up and a big grin on your face.

    U just made my monday


  • Well done Cath. Now put your feet up and stuff your face with chocolate cake. yum
  • Well done Cath!!! You are indeed a star of the highest order.

    I was there at mile 17, but didn't have a chance to speak to you. Now you can draw a line under the past 3 years and the only way is UP!!!!
  • Lal -- glad I could!! :o))

    Debs... bagels first... chocolate cake later. Need to get down stairs first!!!


    I just rang my Mum.

    Me: Just ringing to let you know I got home okay.
    Mum: How did you do love, did you finish..?
    Me: Yes Mum I did 5 hours and 15 minutes.
    Mum: Oh love, that's wonderful isn't it (she has no clue whether it is or isn't but the fact she says it is is bloody brilliant!). We're so very proud of you.
    Me: Thankyou Mum. Now we know what I'm capable of. The race people gave me a spare medal to give Dr Clark
    Mum: Oh love, he's going to be very pleased with you isn't he..?
    Me: Yes Mum, he is.

  • Oops! I just read that again! The reason I didn't see you is now clear!!!!

  • Cdk -- I wasn't at London! I was at Lochaber - or were you there do you mean..? Sorry I missed you if so!!


  • ROFL!!!


    Maybe next year tho...

    [shhh so the legs don't hear it!]

  • Well done Cath, absolutely brilliant, hope your legs are ok today, take it easy and enjoy the chocolate cake.
  • Respect from me as well Cath (lots of). You are an amazing woman.
  • Thanks Chaps


    (still very high today!!)
  • Right - time for that Ironman now. ;o)
  • Nah she's after a sympathy shag now !!!

    You doing the Chester half next Cath ?
  • I'm NOT doing an ironman. I'd like to but I can't dedicate all that time to training. It's a nice thought but there's loads of other things I want to do.


    Dave -- *slap* ssshhhhh!!! (I am doing Chester Half... be doing the Women's 10K the weekend before it as well though!)

  • I'm not doing the wimmins 10k (Haven't got time for the Op !)

    We're both doing Chester so see you there
  • A stellar performance if I may so and a big fat cheque for Macmillan's. Well done Cath.

    On a related note I'll be in Liverpool next Tuesday when Prof Ray Donnelly launches a book celebrating 15 years of the charity he founded. I'll be dead proud.The Roy Castle Foundation often link up with Macmillans so I know the good work they do.

    So very well done you are a star.

  • Well done Cath, what a fantastic way to celebrate your third anniversary of being cancer free.
  • I’m not sure anyone reads here anymore. Can’t quite believe it’s been 12 years since anyone posted on this thread.

    Just to say, I had reason to look up something else & for some reason looked at this. It really was hard & tough going. I never ever believed during treatment that I’d be lucky to live 2 years & yet here I am 16 years later. 

    I quit the forums in 2007 & quit running & triathlon or anything to do with it the same year. I became morbidly obsessed with statistics and fear... and of course running and the forum was tied up with the worst year of my life (don’t worry, not coming back!)

    Now..? I’m healthy & happy. The Mr Cath of this thread went on to live the life I felt I’d returned to him. He’s married with children now & happy. My step-Dad who went to Kenya that Christmas passed away, he was in his 80s. My Mum is still doing her thing. Family are all busy living & going on with things.

    In 2007, I completed the Bala Middle (Half IM distance) Tri. On the day it felt like a let down. I was running away from the cancer after effects. So, I stopped. Stopped training so hard, stopped working so hard, stopped seeing virtual & RW people & got back to “life”. Got back to being just me. It took a bit of courage to just leave everything behind. I have spoken to the occasional person here & there (Fat Face; Fat Buddha) but not much.

    Now? Still cancer free. Don’t work at the Uni anymore (left in 2013). I’m also married. The ‘new’ Mr Cath is a star & I put ‘new’ like that because we went to school together. We already knew each other. We don’t have our own children, but he has 2. It’s enough. We do also have two Bernese Mountain Dogs - who are the light of my life. Poor Oscar was re-homed in the split-but he lived his days with a family who loved him. I followed his care until he passed a few years ago.

    My story at the time was huge, now it’s a dim & distant ghost of the past. I remained true to my word, after 2008 I never went back to clinic & I don’t get screened. I don’t look for cancer and thankfully, it doesn’t look for me. 
  • Possibly not the same people who contributed to the thread originally, but it's great that you are healthy and happy.
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