Thursday Session - 14th November

What: 5 miler
why: gotta it's thursday

last drunk: yetsredaysh
last easy: Monday


  • Pasted over from my own erroneous thread.

    Why: Suspected stress fracture to heel bone. Will have to give it at LEAST two more weeks rest before I try any more running, on top of the rest I have already had.

    Last hard: Ages ago now.
    Last rest: Yesterday - just a 6 mile cycle.
  • nothing
    Shall be drunk, whatever outcome of job interview
  • Yesterday was one of those oh-so-typical running days.

    6:00 am get up
    6:30 am get in car - drive 220 km to Düsseldorf
    9:00 am meeting for four and a half hours
    13:30 back in car - drive 220 km at break-neck speed back home (in order to arrive home before it goes dark)
    16:10 Squeeze out for 40 minute run
    17:00 Bath - beans on toast (Not at the same time)
    18:00 Into car - drive into Frankfurt to see Bryan Adams
    23:00 Into car - drive home
    23:30 Into car - drive baby sitter home
    00:05 Finally get into bed - Cream Crackered

    I love driving

    Today: Rest or cross train
    Why: Feeling tired
    Last hard day: Long long ago far far away
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Today - Might try a "tempo" run if I can figure out what one is
    Why - Just for a change from the normal 4 mile slog
    Last hard - Sat 7 mile
    Last rest - Wednesday

    Any pointers on tempo runs any one ?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Good luck Benz

    Wot: 40 min hilly run. Maybe swim as well
    Why: Too much cheap champagne and too many canapes last night
    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Saturday
  • Club night 5/6 mile run, quite suprised at how quickly recovered from long run on Tuesday, knees ok this morning.

    Martin never mind your training what was Bryan Adams like.
  • Tim and Martin, well impressed with your dedication. Basically I would not get up that early, and would not run after driving all that way, so much respect due. Good luck in the interview Benz.

    What : 7 miler fast (if I can shake off me hangover...urgh)
    Why : Club night

    Last Hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Yesterday

    Thats it for me for this week folks as off to Somerset for the weekend tomorrow, and no running whatsoever. Its been a very easy week and so to paraphrase Alan Titchmarsh ...whatever the weather this weekend enjoy your running!
  • Martin H, I'm impressed, but Bryan Adams! Oh well, each to their own. PB, well done, 520am - my alarm went off at six and off again at 605, and I woke up at 745.
    What: Will try and squeeze one in - 40 mins of speed
    Why: I like it - that's why
    Last hard: last night was hardish good tempo run with club
    Last rest: Tuesday
  • Morning all - its wet, windy and miserable her in the north east. Passed 5 car crashes on my way to this morning - how depressing.

    What: 2 miles on treadmill @ lunch time and intervals of some description tonight
    Why: Coz its thursday

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: Yesterday but did cross train for an hour

  • Best of luck Benz.

    What : Lunch - swim drills.
    PM - Club run, speedwork.
    Why : Club night.
    Last hard : Tuesday.
    Last rest : Monday.
  • Morning all,

    What: Maximum Heart Rate test today, on a treadmill.

    Why: Got the HRM yesterday (recovery run day) and couldn't run at 60% of what my max HR should be (using the 220-age equation) as it was just too slow. Therefore i've decided to take the more scientific approach to heart rates.

    Mercury - Tempo runs should be hard, but controlled and should be run at about 85% of HRmax. I tend to do about four-five miles on mine, but having only just got the HRM, I've probably been doing them too hard.(the books say it should be around 10mile pace).
  • Sorry, I said I was going to be more scientific, didn't I?
    It should be (Working heart rate/85% + Resting heart rate = target heart rate).

    I think that's right.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Last night's 10 miler turned into a 40 minute turbo trainer session followed immediately by 40 minutes running as I couldn't get out the house until quite late. Still quite a tough session.

    Today: 45 minutes weights + 6 miles steady
    Why: easy day
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • What: Compose resignation letter. Delete resignation letter. 5K treadmill. Try to beat 23:27 (that's roughly warp speed 3, mortals). Probably some weights/rowing/elliptical too. Then pub.
    Why: Cos I hate my job, I'm still rationed on mileage (kilometrage?) and I like the pub.

    Last hard: Sunday race
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • Morning all – Wild Wet and Windy up here today (currently blowing a gale outside my office window)

    What : (AM) Circuit Training
    (LUNCH) Turbo Trainer Session
    (PM) 8- mile Steady Run
    Why : Training Plan says so

    Last Hard Day : Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Sunday

  • What: 800m swim
    Why: trying to improve front crawl
    Last hard day: Sun
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Wet, windy and definitely not warm here in Belfast!!

    What (AM) : 5.5 miles
    What (PM) : Some PlayStation2 action!!
    Why : Plan says so
    Last hard day : Saturday
    Last rest day : Dunno...

  • what: short acceleration run (<4 miles; intention: start at 7:00 pace, finish 6:00 pace or faster)
    why: nothing else speedy on the schedule, but have a key long session tomorrow

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • What: looking out of window thinking "I'm not running in that".
    Why: clinging on to my sanity
    (but I will go to the gym tonight).
  • No running just tennis 2.5 hrs

    why: only so many hours in day

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Lasr rest: yesterday
  • Laura L,
    CONGRATS on your 5K time, that's a great achievement. In response to your last comment on the Wednesday session thread, I for one am convinced that goals can be set, met and exceeded with the right attitude, training and dedication. I can still clearly remember my first marathon (Cal International, Sacramento, 1995) in which a good proportion of the field were running specifically to get a qualifying time for the 100th Boston Marathon. Since I was planning on trying to get a sub-4:00, a 3:10 (needed for Boston qualification) seemed like an impossible dream to me at the time. I finished that race in 3:54 and was ecstatic as this was the 4th marathon I'd trained for but the first one I'd actually managed to run owing to injuries acquired during training. I made a decision that day that if at all possible I wanted to qualify for and run the Boston marathon. I finally got there in 2001, only took 5-6 years!!! So I'm convinced if you believe in yourself and are willing to put in the work, many seemingly impossible goals become possible ;-)

    What: 5 miles
    Why: Cutting back a bit in preparation for Sunday's Worksop 1/2M
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • What: 45 min run
    Why: getting back to it after GNR

    last hard day: GNR
    last rest day: everyday since GNR
  • Another mental day of meetings meetings meetings. I'm not complaining about being busy as there have been three redundancy programmes in our organisation over the last 6-9 months so I'd sooner be busy than have no job!

    Wicked, Snicks - going to see Bryan Adams was MrsH's anniversary present but I must admit he's quite good - nice to listen to someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously from a musical perspective!

    Still can't decide whether to do anything tonight - nothing like having a well planned and structured training programme......and I have nothing like a........................................
  • Inspiring tale MM, you're always so encouraging. I do believe what you say, but I wonder whether it's also a case of finding your natural strengths and building on them rather than fighting to improve in what's always going to be an uphill battle.
    Sorry to hear about people's job woes, hope your interview goes well Benz. I was in a meeting with someone today, he asked 'What's your passion, outside work?' Guess what my reply was! It was one of those 'know your goals and then you can achieve them' type conversations, have to be in the right mood or it just sounds a bit too Mind Body Spirit section of the bookshop if you know what I mean.

    (more prosaically) Filbert, look forward to the results of your max HR test.

    What: 6 miles recovery.
    Why: needed to recover! That's one benefit of the 5K, today's run felt incredibly easy and relaxed by comparison. And managed to miss the rain by about a minute.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Tues
  • PS Bryan Adams Martin- your wife is lucky! Is this what the famous anniversary present turned out to be then?
  • Wife woke me up on her way to work 5.45, I rolled over went back to sleep.
    5 year old son woke me up 7.30 wanted his school clothes gave them to him and went back to bed. 8.22 woke up, mad panic to get dressed & kids to school on time. dash for train 2 mins to run it
    (Made mental note to start training in running gear and not my suite, speed work in work shoes is not good for the knees!)
    Train late (20mins) late to work again.
    Everyone goes home 7pm I logon to RW web site. Home for 9, kids in bed, wife on way. Spend 1 hour talking to her (she falls asleep) I go for 4 mile run in the rain. Make my dinner at 11pm, bit of work on my web site and then a bit of cable TV.. Bed 2am

    repeat the above for today!
  • What: 2 miles gentle.
    Why: 13 miles tomorrow night.
    Last hard: last friday
    Last rest: Saturday to Monday
  • Anyone in London Bridge to South London area want to join me tomorrow night for 13m back to Orpington?
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