shin exercises

Hi does anybody have any shin strengthing exercises you can share with me as I have just come back to running after a tibias muscle problem very similar to shin splints.

Hope someone can help me.


  • I've found the following page useful in the past - don't know if it has anything for the specific problem you mention, but I know it has a lot on shin splints.

    HTH, Iain
  • Hi David

    The only exercise that I know of for strengthening the muscles at the fron of the shin is the atache an elastic strip (Shock Cord would do) to your toes and anchor the other end to a table leg or similar, them whilst sitting gently pull back your toes and release. Obviously you will need to experiment with the tension that you apply to the elastic. I was told bu my physio to do 5 mins per foot once a day.

    Good Luck

  • Depending how keen you can spend up to an hour doing these

    I tried once but found it quite a demanding workout in itself and just didn't have the commitment

    I now do ankle flexes / dorsi-flexes and rotations with a 6lb weight attached to a wall pulley - 3 times a week but the elastic band method jenks suggests is just a good.
  • I should have mentioned, there is also a stretching exercise to go with the workout. It involves sitting with one leg crossed over the other above the knee and gently pulling the toes away from the knee and down. So if you right leg is crossed over your left knee, you pull the toes of your right foot down and to the left and backwards at the same time. It sounds complicated but if you try it you will feel the pull on the muscles up your shin. Hold for about 20 seconds I think and repeat ad nausium.

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