Sunday session - 17 November

Isn't this PSI's job?
What: Was meant to be doing Brighton 10K, but as the friends I was meeting for lunch can't make it, I decided against. Is it worth drivng a four hour round trip with a five and two year old to the seaside in the rain, run a race and trudge around the lanes - answer NO
So, now undecided. A very bad training week - ie didn't train last week. If I'm not organised to military precision it doesn't happen. Went for one run and did mind/body stretchy thing. Oh dear.
To the point...
Anything today - will have to get organised. Ideally, a long run
Why: As much for mental health as anything. I've missed my running this week!
Last rest: yesterday
Last hard: Wednesday


  • Hi Snicks. Just you and me today, I think! The Pix popped in earlier, but she's off to Brighton.
    I've had a rubbish training week too and am trying to convince myself that it doesn't HAVE to mean a winter of inactivity. Maybe today will do it, because:
    What: Suicide Six(ish) multi-terrain, in about 2 hours' time.
    Why: It's local, Glenn called my bluff on a rash challenge, and I like the sound of a 10K in which there's no shame in doing 90mins.
    Last hard day: Last Sunday.
    Last rest day: Ho-hum. Yesterday. And the five days before.

    Have a good run! I think I'd have pulled in your situation too.
  • good luck vrap

    what: Long run - to Caldy CC, 2 laps round the grounds, and back again (last week was only 1 lap). 10.6 miles
    why: continued buildup for Helsby

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Mon

    look forward to reading some reports later...
  • Morning all. Head hurts this morning.

    what : supposed to be Roundhay 5 but was on the "pop" till 1 last night and am paying for it now, so race could be binned and substituted for sleep.
    why : went into town for a couple of drinks with some friends and then one thing led to another and ...... you know the score i know.
    last hard : Friday
    last rest : Thursday

    any sobering up / hangoever cures that will work by 11? Or maybe the 5 miler will work!
  • Good luck Vrap, look forward to hearing about your race, - and find out why it's called 'Suicide 6'.
    Snicks - sensible decision. I'm sure it's good to have an easy month after Dublin anyway.

    How are you finding your long runs Mike?

    What: 1.5 hr xcountry.
    Why: felt like it.
    This week's long road run hasn't happened. Maybe we've got November blues?

    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Fri

    Paul - pathetic excuse! Get out there, you know you'll feel better afterwards.
  • What: 'cross-training' otherwise known as chasing the dog around the garden at 6am because he's spotted a frog! A frog for goodness sake!

    Why: to avoid visit to vet (again) with upset tummy (again) after licking said frog and toxic skin (again).

    Last hard: um, Xmas shopping yesterday
    Last easy: today - staying in bed :)
  • Morning all.

    What: 10 miles steady, squash to be played later.

    Why: Thats all I could manage due to slight ankle injury last couple of weeks.

    Last hard: Today will be with squash.
    Last easy: Yesterday = Rest
  • Well, you're right Laura. It would have been a pathetic excuse. I did it. Just over 40 mins as well so quite pleased.

    I can vouch that a 5 mile run is a good hangover cure!!

    Hope all the other races went as you all hoped.
  • Thanks Laura, and yeah, I can still use the post Marathon excuse. Got lots done this morning and about to go for my run, although was v jealous, as I spoke to Brighton crowd and they all did really good times, weather great, about 30 of them met up! Ah well, next one! Well done Paul L. Did exact same thing myself last Sunday, XC with a hangover - and also felt better later. Hope all went well VRap, sounds great fun!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 45 min interval session on turbo trainer followed by 10.3 miles steady.
    Why: family commitments necessitated a slightly different approach this morning. Still equivalent to 2 hours steady training
    Last hard day: today
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • Snicks you'll get loads of stick from the Brighton bunch but sounds like the sensible thing to have done.

    What: 10 miles (Espom 10) 1.33.34 PB
    Why: As close to my doorstep as any race gets.
    Last hard: Thursday (40min tempo on treadmill - mindblowingly boring!)
    Last easy: yesterday, rest
  • What: About eleven miles around Sutton, Carshalton, and Epsom (we must be near neighbours Murf).
    Why: Long slow run for the week
    Last hard: Wednesday - 5 mile tempo run
    Lasr easy: yesterday, rest

    Fond memories of the Epsom 10 - that's the one with the mad downhill at the beginning, and then the 2-3 miles climb isn't it?
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all!

    Well done all those who raced today/yesterday, look forward to reading race reports.

    What: 18 miles hilly road run in faster than anticipated marathon speed-7.56 per mile.
    Why: decided to do a long run today and just run as I felt. Weather was great and just enjoyed the beautiful views from the top of Portland over the Chesil Coast.

    Forgotton what it's like to run 18 miles!

    Last hard: I suppose I should count today for the miles rather than pace.
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • Afternoon all – glorious sunny day up hear

    Cath – I just had a laugh at the image of you chasing the dog, chasing a frog round and round a garden :o))

    What : Spent about 3.5 - 4hrs out on the MTB nee deep in mud on a perfect day for it – Then spent 25mins de-muding the MTB :o)
    Why : Weekends long ride and nice and sociable

    Last Hard Day: Thursday (yesterday’s long run was done at an easy pace)
    Last Rest Day : Last Sunday

  • Well i'm glad the earlier downpours cleared up ! Well done Murf on your PB.

    What:- Gosport half marathon, 1:25:20, new PB by 3 and a half minutes so delighted. Lot's of other folks getting PBs there too.

    Last hard:- Monday
    Last rest:- Thursday / Friday

  • What: 18M long run in the lots & lots of wet mud. Had company after 30min for 1:30min with three friends but had to do the last bit on my own.
    Why: thinking of a spring marathon
    Last rest: 16 days ago
    Last hard: hills thurs
    I went down to Margate afterwards to watch the XC trials for the Europeans. Great to watch but how do they go so fast & make it look so easy. One of the Graffin twins won the mens race which was nice as he's a Kent runner.
  • Iain - hi neighbour! Yes, that's the one. Just over a mile down then what seems like up and up and up till 4miles with a few gentle hills thereafter.
  • What: No running, due to stress fracture, but at about 4am me and a load of mates did about 100 press-ups on the dancefloor for some reason?!
    Why: The press-ups? Unit dinner night, and we were feeling 'silly' ;)

    Last hard: Circuits yesterday. Press-ups, dips, crunches and long/short-arm chin-ups. It's not for kids.
    Last rest: Apart from the silliness of the party, today.
  • 10.6 miles done in 76:46. Q pleased at this as it was at a faster pace than last week, even though the extra length (0.7 miles) was over undulating grass & bark. The hills didn't wipe me out - at least, not as much as last week.
    Still knackered by the finish. Am seriously considering forgoing booze (or at any rate, cutting down to virtually nothing) until after Jan 19 - might enable me to recover better.
  • Congratulations on your PB Murf.

    And the rest of you on your long runs, Hilly that's so fast! Mike, that's a bit drastic isn't it, especially this time of year?? The commitment some of you have is impressive.
  • What: 5M along the seafront at hill head in Hanpshire.

    Why: First on road running since injured calf, this week has been all stop start and after the run my calf was sore, so am feeling dejected. Am supposed to be running the Victory 5 in Portsmouth on the 1st but at this rate will never do it, as it's fast and I've no speed any more!!
  • Evening All,
    well I'm absolutely knackered.
    Well done Murf, Mr C, everyone who raced today and all who trained.

    What: Worksop 1/2M
    Why: I really was asking myself this during the 11th mile.
    Last hard run: What, are you kidding?
    Last easy day: Yesterday.

    Have to say I really feel like someone's been beating my knees and quads with a rubber mallet, but I'm feeling no pain (or will be after a glass or 2 more of red). Read the gory details here if you dare.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Well done on the pbs guys.
    Snicks - sensible decision, I thought about doing Brighton,but a 75 minute drive for a 10k seems a bit pointless.
    Forgot the Epsom race, been looking at the Epsom Oddballs 2000 perch race on 19th Jan (I assume its the same Epsom?)

    What : Steady 10.5 mile run in 76.30 (ish)
    Why : didn't have time for a long run (was planning around 15 or so)
    Last Hard : today I guess
    Last Rest : Tuesday

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Meant to do 45 mins of hardish fartlek. Completely failed to do it. Got lured out ice climbing by the boys.

    All my bruised and battered body can now do is drink wine. Which is more than Mr LizyB can do - fast asleep ... aaaah!

    Hilly - you are so lucky living in/near Portland - I spent a lot of time there last year - top place!
  • Well done everyone, Murf on your PB, Hilly on your 18 miles, Mr C on your PB... this thread is really inspiring (I mean it!)
    In the end I sneaked out of my parents house for a 45 minute, 6-mile tempo session and left my two year old happily dancing to Irish music, whilst son was at the football... good day had by all

  • What: 10 mile road race in Preston. Did a PB of 1h 17m, but it was hard work all the way. I think I'm still tired from the marathon. Still, there was a great T shirt at the end with a cute little sheep on it :)
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday

  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Agree with Snicks, some great inspiring runs on this thread today. Well done everyone!!

    LizzyB, I agree Portland is a beautiful place in a rugged kind of way. The views as you know are outstanding. I live in Weymouth, but run to Portland and back for some of my long runs.

    Were you working in the area?
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi Hilly, er not working, but still there every weekend ...climbing! I went there by chance as a one-off in spring last year (as Portland had lifted its foot and mouth restrictions and the Peak District, where we climb, hadn't) and fell in love with the climbing and the atmostphere of the place -ended up driving down there nearly every weekend. WE used to camp just outside weymouth and drive to Portland each day ... used to see some v. fit and fast people running - one of them was probably you!
  • good running pb and the rest

    ran a 59 minute something at Brighton - no pb, but getting under the hour would have been unlikely if still smoking - so very glad.
  • Dustin - The Oddballs Perch is over a different course to the Epsom 10 and is shorter, 10.05k as opposed to 10miles. Also the Epsom 10 is a road race and the Perch is multi-terrain.

    I've not done it but probably will next year. It starts at the racecourse grandstand and is run over tarmac road, grass, beaten/muddy tracks (depending on recent weather). By all reports its a fun race. Oh, and it's definitely undulating! There's probably some piccies on the Oddballs website -

    Maybe see you there.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Murf - seen the info on the web page.Epsom isn't too far for me,so depending on other races (and home commitments) I may run the perch.
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