New but not New!!!



  • Speedy, further inspired by your progress managed 5mins walk/5run on treadmill at weekend, with run at 10min mile pace. Felt sooooomuch better for getting off my ar$e and doing it!
    May even hit the pavement soon if can pluck up courage!
  • congrats,i was thinking of you on sunday, watched out for you but didnt catch sight of any mice atall!is it a mouse?

    . sadly my new asthma eased body ran hareder than it wanted to last wed when i did my first 10k and a grinding hip has kept me off the running nad stuck in the gym crosstraining, cycling and swimming ever since. every day i think itll be better tomorrow and one dqay ill be right. till then......

    and i was hoping for a 10k raqce on 10oct...maybe still possible
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