Thursday Session

Club run tonight 5/6 miles probably my last with this club as I finish here in wet Dumfries next week.

A bit of advice and moral support needed now: I can now run for 2 hours non stop but am absolutely knackered by the end. I have my doubts about being able to keep on my legs for around 5 hours, am I just having the jitters.


  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Morning WW, yes you are just having the jitters. It's quite normal to be knackered after two hours till you get used to it. Just keep up building slowly.

    What: 5 to 6 miles steady, same as yesterday
    Why: realised I need to build mileage to get my weight down before worrying too much about speedwrork
    Last rest: Monday
    Last hard:Tuesday.
  • Grey morning.

    What: Club run this evening.
    Last hard: Tuesday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
  • Morning all - its pretty grey here too!

    What: Club night - probably intervals (hoping to get to the gym at some point as well)
    Why: Coz coach says so

    Last Hard: Tuesday's killer
    Last Rest: Monday
  • It's all a bit quiet this morning isn't it? Probably something to do with the never-ending slab of dark grey moving accross the sky :-(

    What:- 5-6 tempo miles
    Why:- The quicker I run, the less time i'll be out in this horrible weather.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Filbert - it's sunny here - all clouds just vanished! bloomin' windy though!

    What - speedwork - uh oh. Or maybe a long run instead.
    Why - Missed speedwork session yesterday because of a LAME EXCUSE! (Started work at 7.00 a.m., worked though the day, got on a plane at 7.00 p.m., home at 8.30 p.m. and failed to go out for a run either before I started work or after I got home. I should be ashamed of myself....)
  • Grim, drizzle also. But feeling positive for a change.
    It won't last. Have to play with hydrofluoric acid this morning. Penetrates your body tissues, dissolves your bones and poisons your blood, leading to amputations and/or agonising death. Scares me somewhat! :-(

    Enough chit-chat.

    What: Probably weights.
    Why: I'm losing my Adonis-like upper body definition (yeah, right) through running. Oh, and I'm not allowed to run tonight.
    Rest: Tuesday.
    Hard: Ages ago.
  • Morning all – foggy up here

    WHAT – (Lunch) Circuit Training (PM) 7-8 run at varying speeds (I'd say Fartlack - but I can't spell it)
    WHY – Strength and club sessions

    LAST HARD DAY – Tuesday
    LAST REST DAY – Monday

  • D-day again... hhmmmfph.

    What: Attempting to keep from belting the bloke who will give my chemo... oh and don't forget the necessary pumping of arms 20,000 times to get the vein to show itself.

    Why: last of aggressive chemo ... wheeeee!!! Only 8 more to go after today!

    Last hard day: either yesterday - work was tough [students who should be failed before they start!] or today can't decide.
    Last easy day: Can't remember.
  • Morning folks. Raining steadily in Tunbridge Wells.

    What: About 6 miles steady
    Why: Want to start making one of my mid-weekers gradually longer
    Last hard - Brighton 10k on Sunday
    Last easy - yesterday

    Fluctuating at the mo between "hurrah, I'm going to run the Paris marathon" and "oh gawd, what am I thinking of".

  • what: ongoing R&R - achilles seems better but hip still painful
    why: see above
    last hard day : Sun
    last rest day : all week
  • Morning all, just starting to brighten up in Wales so it may do for the rest of you to the East later on today.

    What: 8 triangular hill reps (totalfive miles)
    Why: Cos it hurts so good
    Last hard: Tuesday club night
    Last rest: Yesterday, Wales won the footie and I got tipsy
  • Neilruns - "Raining steadily in Tunbridge Wells" - that has to be the most gloomy weather report I've ever heard. it somehow saps you of the will to live.

    What: 7 miles tempo run
    Why: it's Thursday
    Last Hard Day: Tuesday intervals
    Last Rest Day: Friday
  • Swerve
    HF - that's the stuff that dissolves glass as well - how come you find yourself obliged to handle it?

    what: another lovely rest day
    why: this is my "2-rest-day" week
    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • Mike - dissolving glass! Well, SiO2 on silicon chips. I do microelectronics research. Sadly I'm the safety chap in our chemical lab too, and I was showing a newbie how not to die. Though he's a potholer, so plainly has some kind of death wish anyway.

    I survived again, by the way. Unless the 1 hour delayed burns kick in.....
  • What: Rest
    Why: Ran Mon, Tue, Wed, Law update seminar tonight
    Last Hard Day: Tuesday speed
    Last Rest Day: Sunday
    Next Saturday morning going to try for 12 miles at sun rise but no promises (probably means 6 miles before lunch!)
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    London: Rain Type 206 - limp drizzle; grey.

    What: Probably 4 miles over hilly route with 3-5 x 2-minute intervals, depending on how energetic I'm feeling.
    Why: Really need to start back on the weekly speedwork session now my body's used to the hills.
    Last hard: Tuesday (tempo run).
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Am trying to hassle the Department into getting the second-floor shower fixed (believe it or not, someone has stolen the shower head and the holder!) so I can run in Hyde Park at lunchtimes if I feel like it - prefer to be able to do some sessions on the flat!
  • What: Tempo run
    Why: Thursday session
    Last hard run: today
    Last rest day: monday

    mile warm-up, 10K @ goal 1/2M pace (38:21, I was trying for 6:10 pace average but ended up fractionally outside of this), mile cool-down. Tired, but not too flat.
  • Well, Achilles, it is still raining in TW. But did you know, Tunbridge Wells is the sunniest inland spot in the UK? It's true. Oh yes it is.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 40 minutes recovery run + 40 minutes on turbo trainer
    Why: Need to take it easy today
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    Achilles, a turbo trainer just lets you ride your bike at home. A 40 minute ride on it is more effective than 80 minutes outside. Gets a bit monotonous and boring after 40 minutes, worse than a treadmill.
  • Rainham, Kent is the wettest I'm sure. Closely followed by London as it is peeing down here too at the mo.

    Oh first track session tonight.

    Already making excuses not to go, tummy ache, headache etc.
  • Drew - so that's an easy day is it?????!!!!

    think I'll pass on the turbo trainer - treadmill I can cope with, stationary bike NOOOOOOOOO, get me outta here.

    Neilruns - my parents lived in Tunbridge Wells for a couple of years (can't think what possessed them). it must have been sunny on occasion, it's just that I never noticed. great countryside, though.
  • Drew / Achilles

    I did 55min on my turbo last night - and nearly crashed it - i was laughing at the film shrek and slipped :o)

    I find watching a movie help remove the boredom
  • 29C here in Manchester & sunny....
    Oh sorry I got mixed up that was 1976 -
    Raining (surprise!)
    WHAT - Steady 6 miler
    WHY - Because I had chips and digestives for lunch!
    Last Hard Day - Hhhmmm. Last week.
    Last Rest Day - Yesterday.

    Happy thurdays....
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    WW, do you use headphones when on your turbo trainer and if so what type do you find works best? Don't know about you but my TT makes one helluva noise.
  • Drew, I have a ‘Tacx Swing’ it has a large magnetic fly wheel which is quieter than a fan based system, this used in conjunction with slicks keeps the noise down to a level where I can here my movie (if turned up)

    I’ve been looking at headphones though as my wife complains at the volume – my farther has a set of wireless headphones but these look a bit bulky for use on the turbo trainer – so I’m looking for something along the same lines but smaller that fit in my ears as opposed to being giant earmuffs

    I’ll let you know if I find any thing
  • What: 47 mins, 20 mins of which was speedwork, 10 x 90 secs, and a min and 30 secs for good measure.
    Why: speed sesh - it's got to be done
    Last rest: yesterday - enforced
    Last hard: I'm not sure

    Thoroughly enjoyed it today. Running in the rain in Regent's Park. Strange, nutter-type man with goggle eyes and two dogs, shouted: 'Oh, baby! Yessss!' ... How lovely! Not sure whether he was re-living something, or just plain mad! (under no illusions that I should illicit this response from a sane man...)
  • How many men, do this. Shout out at women, when they're on their own in the park. I think it's so weird!
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