Friday session

What: a steady run around 7 miles - although might make it easier!
Why: Schedule
Last hard: well yesterday's speed was pretty hard
Last easy: Rest on Wednesday

Feel teetering on the edge of illness - lemsips on the go. Also feel sick, but I have to run as this is the first time in months that I've not slept through my alarm!


  • Good morning. A trace of blue sky visible from my office window.

    What: Swim + rest
    Why : early symptoms of a cold.
    Last hard : Thursday.
    Last rest: Wednesday.
  • Take it easy Snicks and Wurzel - I find colds respond to pre-emptive strikes with TLC.

    What: 4M steady - 44min, in fact. Got the better of gut trouble, but legs are disappointingly stiff. Still, they work. Relay on Sunday, so rest and eat now.

    I find concentrating on lower back and butt makes a big difference in how efficiently I can run, hence how far, fast. Beyond just thinking about it when I run, anybody got any suggestions?
  • Morning all

    What: 2-3 miles steady on treadmill - plus abit of leg work and some abs
    Why: Need to get session in early coz I'm going out tonight. Will need to do the same tomorrow coz I'll be watching Newcastle put Man Utd in there place tomorrow afternoon.


    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Monday
  • Morning all,

    Glad to see you on the training thread again Stickless.

    What: 8 mile tempo run (assuming it's an 'efficient' day).
    Why: remembered I'm supposed to be trying to get a PB at Helsby.
    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: yesterday - well, did 90% of my xmas shopping in 2.5 hrs so didn't need to run to wear a halo for the rest of the day.

    Have a good weekend all, and best of luck to everybody racing.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Morning all - Just getting light here - blue sky and warmer than the UK (honest!) Was running in just a t-shirt last night (oh, and running tights as well)

    What - Long run day today - 10ish miles
    Why - Always do long run on Friday
    Last hard - Tuesday
    Last rest - Wednesday

  • Morning all – grey and miserable up here

    WHAT – Swim 1800m
    WHY – Feel I need an easy day

    LAST HARD DAY – Yesterday (long hilly club run)
    LAST REST DAY – Monday


  • Sorry, Cath, didn't see your thread when I put this on. And couldn't get on here all morning.
    Only managed about 4 miles, felt dreadful - maybe there are times when you should listen to your body. Still, glad I did it!
  • Greetings All,

    What: nowt
    Why: Always rest on Friday and my left hip is a little tight after yesterday
    Last hard run: yesterday
    Last rest day: today
  • Uncannily similar to Laura's session....

    what: 8 miles; target 52 mins
    why: a standard I need to hit soon (like, now) if I really am going to hit my target of 84 mins at Helsby

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Thu
    last long day: Sun

    Failed to achieve this mark last week. Would be seriously depressed if I failed again tonight.
  • Alright there everyone!

    What : Hmm not sure maybe 6 mile fartlek
    Why : No speedwork whatsoever for the last two weeks

    Last Hard : Last night club night was a fast 5miler
    Last Rest : Wednesday

  • Morning,

    What: 5-6 tempo miles
    Why: Yesterday's plan went to pot, so making up for it today.

    Get well soon everyone who needs to.
  • Good Morning to all!

    What: 6km run during lunch break ( 12.30am as I work nights )wet, cold, and slippery.
    Plus 2000m row for warm up and a 10km run on treadmill after work, sprintwork to music, two fast tracks followed by two recovery tracks and so on.

    Why:Have lost out on a month due to flu and an injury to ankle, just testing out ankle.........holding up well.

    Last Hard:Monday 14km run
    Last Rest:Wednesday

    All the best for the weekend......
  • Morning all. And a lovely one it is too in sunny Cambridge.

    What: Rest
    Why: Blew away my mileage ration (and consecutive days ration) last night. The treadmill was just sitting there, begging me to use it. And felt 100% afterwards. No, actually more like 200%. Now I just need the willpower to resist racing on Sunday.....
    Hard: Long ago
    Rest: Tuesday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Probably nothing
    Why: Up until 2am with the work I took home last week, so I'm struggling to stay awake.

    Never mind - I'm off next week (studying for exams the following week) so I'm planning to run most days to wake me up in the morning.

    Last hard: Can't remember
    Last rest: Yesterday, Wednesday, Tuesday.......
  • Snicks - don't worry about it - mine looks like it's going to be hijacked by barkles anyway :D oh, and eveything I've been through..? One thing I've learned snicks 'listen to your body' - learn to love the mantra :o) It works!! ... besides you'll get rapped from the raptor seeing as she'll likely tell you (like I am) the body can't heal itself AND run at full pelt. So if it's only a cold... take it easier on yourself, bod will thankyou for it, believe me :o)
  • Oh and in case anyone wants to see what my 'training' session consisted of today - I have my very own thread... oops no I don't Barkles moseyed in there :o) (notice HE didn't post a training session, lightweight [snigger])

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Hello gang,
    Rest day yesterday (over indulged in alcohol all afternoon/evening) so today will be a hard session regardless..
    What: 60 min run with middle 30-45 tempo pace
    Why : Thursdays speedwork a day late
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Wednesday
  • Back to the land of the living ........ errr running. Another nightmare week struggling to fit running in around work. Short trip to Canada left me completely whacked - missed a nights sleep on the way back (couldn't sleep on plane) got back to Frankfurt 06:30 Wednesday morning then straight into work - went home lunchtime and stayed awake all afternnon to get body re-adjusted (went for a run to freshen me up!). 10 hours sleep then back to work Thursday - 14 hour day so enforced rest. What happened to my planned holiday this week? Buggered if I know! Holiday window closing rapidly and still four weeks of annual leave to take! Take December off? No Chance - new project starting 2 December..........

    .........what a whinger.

    Today: Hopefully five or so steady
    Why: Maintenance mileage in the face of ridiculous workload
    Last hard day: Work wise - everyday for the last two months, run wise - ages ago.
    Last rest day: See previous comment
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Nice to see you back, MartinH.

    What: Nothing.
    Why: It's Friday. Need to do a couple of long-ish runs over the weekend. For various reasons I've only been doing short (2.5 mile) runs for the past couple of weeks. Went on my 4-mile route last night and it nearly killed me. I normally manage it easily, so my endurance has obviously taken a bashing while I've been focussing on short, fast runs. To be fair it was supposed to be at 'recovery' pace but I think it was more like tempo pace ...
    Last hard: Yesterday!
    Last rest: Wednesday.
  • Martin

    without being nosey but what do you do for a living? It seems as though your employers make you jump through hoops!

    How do you take a short trip to Canada? :-)
  • Parky - I'm an accountant working in 'transaction support' which, in simple terms, is where if someone (i.e. our client) wants to buy a company then we try and tell them whether they are actually buying what they think they're buying.

    Unfortunately as a client driven business that means responding at short notice and meeting (frustratingly and ludicrously short) deadlines.

    By short I of course meant quick!
  • what: hill session, 2 mile warm up 10x200m reps with jog recovery and 1 mile cool down

    why: Because I enjoy the pain.

    last hard: Monday, interval session on rower
    last rest: Tuesday
  • Killer session Sarcy. Welcome back Martin, hope your body clock is back to normal.

    Well this thread has proved its usefulness today, earlier on I was looking out of the window starting to find reasons to do 6 rather than 8 miles when I spotted Mike's thread and thought i couldn't then chicken out of my stated aim!

    Which was to run 1 mile @ 9 min/mile warm up, 7 miles @ 8 min/mile target 1/2 marathon pace, total 65 mins.

    Did it in 65.30 which is good enough for me with final 1/2 m uphill and the wind against me! Really pleased with how relaxed I felt, maybe the club torture sessions are paying off after all. <85% WHR> <88%of max> <who gives a t**s> depending on which school of HR training you belong to.

    Now rewarding myself by eating 1/4 of a slab of ginger cake (yes that's right, a quarter!) and a pint of tea. Northern carbo reloading you know.

    Happy weekend all.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Haven't had ginger cake in ages.
    Something else to remember tomorrow at Sainsburys.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone-glad to see I can read the threads this afternoon.

    Horrid weather here in Weymouth. Very high winds and hard rain.

    Was going to do 10 miles with a 2x2 session in the middle-2 miles @ 10k pace, 5 mins rest then another 2 miles @ 10k pace. But beause of the weather changed plans and did 10 miles over a hilly course, running hard up the hills-a total of 7 hills of different distances and gradients.

    Strong head wind for first 5 miles, nice coming back as I was literally lifted along. Splits demonstrate the winds force-39 mins outward, 35 mins return.
  • Laura

    eh up lass, that be a reet 'ard seshun you dun thurr.

    recun yuz deserve Parkin 'fter theet.

    BTW you needs to reappear in the over 60's column, you've become quite a star with a reputation to defend in your absence ;-)

    wot me today:

    what : nought
    why: ongoing Rest for hip/cold, latter improving , no sign of change to hip

    last hard tack: sun
    last rest: all week

    will I restart sunday or monday???/
  • Afternoon all

    Been bust all day and did not get my planed swim in :o(

    Suppose the extra rest day will do me well

  • Ran 6.4 miles hilly today and of course it started raining the minute I put on my (new) shoes to go out after being sunny earlier in the morning! 10 minutes miles, some of which were very difficult (that'll be the uphill ones). Still don't seem to have recovered fully from giving blood last week (and the cold the week before). Please let it get easier soon!

    MartinH -- go on, take that time off, you know you want to! My hubby just discovered he has loads of vacation left to take and he's now off from 9 Dec to 13 Jan. Lucky so-and-so.
  • Haven't posted here before - so hello to all the regulars who don't know me - and of course to all those that do!

    What: 5 mile Fartlek over XC course. (At least 8 "Max Effort" not less than 30secs.)

    Why: Easy work day so home early and eventually fancied a "Bonus" run.

    Last Hard: Today.

    Last Rest: Monday

    Next: Long slow on sunday.

    This week's success: apart from envigorating Fartlek I only had 4 pints of "London Pride" this week!

    Cheers all.

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