And my mileage so far this week is...

2 MILES?! Yup thats right kids, I can't run at the moment without wanting to collapse and die! Just goes to show how important eating properly is!

Spent last night gorging on pasta, had a huge chunk of bread and honey for brekkie and have just had a ton of cous cous.... Let the experiment begin!



  • What happened, Jon? Have you been having a sneaky go at the Atkins diet?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • No, just been drinking a little too much and not eating enough! I'm a changed man now though... No more booze until... Urm... I decide I want a great big hangover again!
  • Well 2 miles beats my weekly tote of zero at the moment, I want to run but my feet wont let me :(
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    After all that food, you'd better do a good few miles tonight! Get out there. We'll be waiting for the report in the morning.

    Or maybe you are coming down with something - be careful.
  • Confession time - I've run zero this week too. Climbed a mountain on Monday, but that's cross-training rather than running. Better set things right tonight!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I'm still waiting for a blister to heal properly , maybe this would be a good time to start drinking and eating pizza ??
  • Managed a three mile trot on Monday. Very slow and not pretty. My God it hurt on Wednesday.
    Come on young fella, if us old 'uns can do it!
  • Well, I started off well this week! I ran 2.5K on Monday and Tuesday and I ran 1.5K tonight in the gym but then I developed that "shattered body won't let me run" feeling - so I gave up. I'm having a day off from gym/exercise tomorrow (except doggie walks because they're for the dog not me). PLUS, I've eaten CHOCOLATE - something I NEVER do *sigh* But, that's PMT for you :)
  • Cath

    Do you have an inflatable head?
  • I'm glad to hear it's not just me. Haven't run since Sunday evening. Was going to to a 6 miler this morning but decided not to, because I really didn't feel like it. I am in the doldrums. I think it's terror as my first Half looms next month.

    MartinH, I'm glad you asked that - I've been wondering myself. But an inflatable head is probably better than a wooden one ?
  • Well... Went out last night with all the good intentions of an 8 miler.... Five miles later I was accidentally back on my doorstep! Ah well, 5 is better than 2! Perhpas I'll do 8 tonight?
  • I went out to do five...but ended up drinking six pints of Stella instead. Great preperation for a half don't you think
  • I haven't run since Saturday, I'm just getting over a cough and cold I aquired this week and it's a little over three weeks to the Great South Run and I'm so behind schedule! I'm still a bit wheezy and it will probably be Saturday before I manage a run. (I'm sure I've put on a couple of lbs on this week. Well they do say feed a cold, starve a fever!)
  • Firstly Cath, thanks for the laugh, I nearly choked on my Ribena Lolly (they're lovely - I buy them for the kids!) when I saw your inflatable head pic, couldn't stop laughing. Did you do that on purpose or did it happen by accident when you resized it to 120x100 pixels?

    Anyway, I haven't done too bad this week, did a three mile interval session earlier in the week and the day before yesterday did a 7 mile cross country run, felt absolutely crap though!
  • In the interest of being virtuose (?) I have now officially given up drinking! last week I seemed to be bathing in booze almost every night! Now I'm on the orange juice and water thing... Lets see how long it lasts!
  • I won't hold my breath Jon, its not an easy thing to do. I gave up for 3 months once.

    Cath do you want that picture resized. If so mail me
  • Don't offer to do that! It'll fail to be entertaining then!

    Alcohol is evil... Follow my path to enlightenment!
  • Zilcho miles for me too, I broke a toe whilst away on holiday and have been told to expect up to 6 weeks away from running. I am climbing the walls and chewing everyone's head off...apart from my daughter today who got a 'B' and 2 'C's A Level results, what a star she about this running - how do others cope?
  • I sympathise. But I have no reason as to why its been so bad other than I drank too much and I've been eating junk!

    congrats to your daughter though!
  • know the feeling mate my mind wants to go for a run but my body says no, any idea how to get out of this rut? ive got the great north run soon and im only up to 4 miles, help!!, i used to be able to run 18 miles easy before i had a baby 2 years ago, so i suppose ive no excuse, well i can try cant i. how can i get motivated again, any ideas?
  • After 3 weeks of 35 miles, a muscle spasm on Tuesday has meant 1 mile this week. Leaving a large hole in my Dublin training plan this week.
  • 3.49 miles so far this week now , will I be running on a newly seeded sports field again ?

    No, its hard going
  • hee!I only just realised about the "inflatable head" thingy - I was laughing so hard I sprayed water all over the keyboard! Blue Knees I'll email you with it. Ta!
  • I think I have done about 16 or 17 miles this week outdoors (2x4.5 miles plus a long one of indeterminate length but about 14km).
    First half marathon coming up on sunday and very cross with self for not having managed the full distance in practice. Well, I guess if I can do 9 then I can do 13??? I hope...
  • 8 miles last night - should be on for 20 or so miles this week, but with 50+ miles of cycling and some swimming/bobbing too.

    Had no probs doing 8 miles, quite enjoyed it, but I was wearing my s*xy new Nike top for the first time. Is it just me, or do you always run better if you have some new kit ?
    Trainers might be the exception to this.
  • i ran 3 miles monday,12miles soaked to the skin,and ended up with a chest infection,so havent ran since tuesday,but should be ok for weekend long runs..
  • Have just completed a two miler, and pushed it a bit in the final 800m. Felt fine.
    This brings my mileage to 7 for the week!
    Shame I can't run that far in one go, but there we are. Slowly is better than injured again.
  • Hi
    Ive ran 11 miles so far still got my 6mile long sunday run to go.
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