Patella tendon problems



  • Similar article on knee pain on Sports Injury website, can remember what the exact name is but on a search its called Sports Injury, its a vitual clininc and full of usefull tips and you can get a regular email news letter on various things.

    Another good one is Sportex, they have good info to.
  • i'll search for it tomorrow BB. when i clicked the peak performance link i found i had to subscribe to get the info. it's tempting as their info did sort out my shin splints in teh past.

    anyway, i've got my patella strap now. no instructions though. do i just strap it on as tightly as possible below my knee? how does it work, just stops the knee cap grinding away?
  • NewRunner

    I tried everything to help my tendon but I think in terms of healing its just a question of time and patience. The exercises should help prevent the problems coming back.

    I am also keen to try triathlon.

    I have been having physio for my back, part of which involves strengthening my core, abs and back muscles. The exercises I'm doing now have made me realise how unbalanced my body is as these exercises feel really hard - but I'm definitely feeling better and fitter and my aim for 2005 is to be an alround better athlete.
  • Eccentric calf raises
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