'kk's' on the mend!!

Had my second MRI scan in six weeks this afternoon. The consultant says that this scan today shows an improvement. (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!) The bone oedema (sort of bruising) around the left medial condyle, thats the bit at the end of the inner side of the femur that grinds on your cartilage!!) has reduced. However therei still some collapse showing of the condyle (the bally bit). Which hopefully will improve without any surgery.

Still can't run though, and he suggests perhaps another six months not doing so, but doesn't rule out a return to running!, but this time instead of taking three and bit months to get fit for a marathon, fifteen months might be a better timescale!!

I will be back (running that is!) just can't say exactly when. The one good thing to point out was that if I hadn't stopped I could have lost the joint completely.

I'm still going to Dublin, not to run it, though I might still walk it.


  • Brilliant news, KK. Bet you're ecstatic.

    I look forward to eating your dust at London 2004.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • No I think I'll still be mopping up at the back!! V-rap
  • That is really great new KK, I am just glad you had the sense to see the quack when you did otherwise it would have been a lot worse. Well will all have to make a note in our diaries for 11th April 2004(if the date doesnt do anything funny)
  • Makes my little knee gripe seem a bit pathetic.

    Glade to see you're keeping cheerful and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Good news kk, guess we'll all have to commit to 2004 to give you some dust to sweep up......

    All the best, jenks
  • Hello KK,

    Nice to hear the good news. At least you've got plenty of time to prepare. Just don't do anything stupid in the meantime.

    See you in 2004.

    All the best,

  • Good news KK - bet you can't wait til your bally bits recover and you can really get going.....
    ( ps how's the cross training doing ?)
  • Well done, KK. Keep the faith, your time will come.
  • Really glad to hear there's good news for your running career, it must feel great to know there's a diagnosis and treatment.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks guys for all your remarks.

    Now I'm not going to disappear off the scene, but obviously can't be as active, but I will keep popping up to keep you in order!!

    I'm going to have to be really carefull about running again, when I'm
    allowed to start, but all being well everything will be OK in the long run.

    Now you big guys out there: BE CAREFULL!!

    See you around.

    p.s. Whose going to the National 10k? I will be there supporting my son, who is 21 and disgustingly fit.
  • Really pleased to hear things are getting better. Take it slow and maybe I'll see you in London in 2004 (probably as a spectator...)
  • I was tempted by the National 10k, but as it's £16.50 for entry and £10 for a T shirt (I know I did the GJ10k, but that was different!) and the course is just two laps of the same road... I thought not. Especially seeing as Windsor is a couple of weeks aferwards!

    Get well soon etc...!

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