Friday Session - 29 November



  • Hi

    What: AM: 8km steady run, PM: 5km fast pace run
    Why:Trying to get sharpness back due to flu and ankle injury.
    Last Hard:Wednesday
    Last Rest:Thursday

    Im sweating here, a parcel has been left next door from the postie,(and there out) im a guessing..............its my fleece!
  • what I said: Funky 5 Miler (or 8 if the flesh is willing)

    what i did: 3 mile walk run with the missus

    good job too as I forgot i'm racing on Sunday
  • Key session:
    Thru 8 miles in 51:58, but then
    8½ miles in 55:36 - at which point I'd basically died on my @rse - so called a halt at that point.
    I get a bit further each time before losing it - but not far enough it seems.....
  • Hi all

    Gorgeous outing early this morning from Bank of England along Victoria embankment with the river just coming to life, down to Big Ben and Parliament, over the bridge to the old County Hall, past the Dali exhibition, the London Eye etc etc, back to the Bank.

    How far: No idea
    Why: See above - urban running at its finest and what better way to start a business trip. Back to rainy Brussels now.

    Good weekend to everyone racing or training or resting!
  • Evening

    What - very easy 3 miler
    Why - tapering for first "Half" in training on Sunday!
    Last Hard - Yesterday
    Last Rest - Wednesday

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