The Fat Club - Thursday

Hi Everyone

I thought I'd act on Cath's suggestion and start a new Fat Club thread because the initial one's getting so long it's a bit difficult to navigate.

I'm in the doldrums at the moment, eating and drinking a bit much and not really getting out there to run. Weighed myself this morning, 10st5lbs - would realistically like to take it down to 10st. Just stop eating the crisps and drinking the wine - so easy isn't it ?!!!

Young Runner have you thought about support tights ? Grim I know but they look like normal tights nowadays and they will help. Also try and vary your position and try to get a walk in when you can - even if it's only ten yards - it will ease the pressure on your feet.
Unfortunately the reason why you don't feel any hungrier is that although you're standing all day your calorie expenditure isn't hugely different - it's just the strain on your feet... but just think of all those extra pennies you're making...


  • Hi everyone! I am feeling a bit despondent today... for the first time since I started this diet thing I ate more than I needed just because I was feeling low... Not a major crime (2 jackets instead of 1, the fillings were all homemade and lowish fat, no cheese!) but I'm just really disappointed in myself and feeling like I'm back at square 1 after doing so well...
  • Lamb don't be down - what's a potato ?!! Just forget it. You know what it's like - if you think about it too much you'll have that Kit Kat mid morning because you were so bad before and then by lunchtime you'll be having chips with everything . Just forget it. Start again. You're doing well.

    And you still have the cutest picture on the forum :o)
  • Aw, thanks, Daisy! You've made me feel a bit better!

    It wasn't the extra potato as such, just the fact I stuffed it when I was already full! A crack in my discipline!! I am sure my trousers are tighter today...

    But you're right, start again, onwards and upwards (or should that be downwards?!)
  • Hi everyone - I'm going home and won't be on the forum all day, I feel terrible, really exhausted (shouldn't really have gone to gym yesterday but felt so guilty!). Have a good day and see you all soon!
  • My weigh in Day was Wednesday morning; having been hovering around 15st 3lb for a few weeks I was surprised to come in at 15st exactly. The secret to my success is laminate flooring! Apart from my regular bouts of exercise I lead a sedentary lifestyle but this week I have been doing lots of DIY including laying a new floor. As a result I actually had to miss out a couple of runs but it would appear that steady effort over a number of hours (I'm hopeless at DIY by the way) has more than compensated. If I did every room in the house I could reach mt goal weight.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Hi Lamb. Never mind, it could have been a lot worse, its just a potato, which in the grand scheme of things is good for you, and the filling were low fat. Get that 2l bottle of water on your desk and eat a few bits of yummy fruit and you'll be feeling better already.
  • If you're still there, Lamb, don't feel you've blown your diet. All you've done is eaten an extra spud, and hasn't everyone done that occasionally! And you know why it happened, which is a bonus. Well done for comfort-eating a healthy potato instead of a tub of Ben & Jerry's eaten off chocolate chip cookies

    Have a good rest today.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • (Just posted this in FAT CLUB - so sorry if you read this twice!)

    Yaay 3lbs down! 10st 2.5lbs now. Not long before I break in to the magic 9s again!!

    Last nights run was a bit of a disaster. Was planning gentle 5/6 miler but knee decided to still be sore from half mara. Funnily enough it hurt more going down hill - so I worked myself into a sweat doing hill reps - then went home and soaked in cool bath. Think I'm going to have to lay of running for a whole week - cos I really don't want it to get any worse. Will stick to long walks, cross trainer and possibly even dig out swim suit.

    RE: diet clubs - they (seem to be) working for me, and it is all about the motivation. Following their guidelines however they differ all amount to the same thing - changing your eating habits for the better, and encouraging you to make the right food choices. Can't be bad.

  • Caketin, that is great. I went to the gym last night and managed to avoid a sneaky look on the scales. Will post score on Monday. Am hoping to be 12 stone on the button or just a wee bit less. BTW, definately dig out the swimsuit, I'd forgotton how fantastic swimming is until I took it up again 6 months ago. Its a pain getting up early in the morning, but a good 30 minute swim sets you up for the day and you will feel brilliant. I just hate the getting out and having to get dry bit!
  • Lamb

    Definitely don't worry - it seems to have done more damge to your motivation than your waistline. Let it go!
    Enjoy your day off - hope the weathers as nice where you are.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Why don't we start a new thread each day? When I started ths I didn't realise just how huge it was going to get! Threads may be big but we're getting smaller (fingers crossed).

    I've already asked the nice people at RW to give us our own forum but that might take a while.
  • Brilliant. I think the new thread each day is an excellent idea. It was all getting a bit confusing with the 100s of messages. Had a hard work out yesterday, so decided not to take running kit to work for a lunch time run as it was going to be hot and my legs were feeling a bit sore. Now I wish I'd brought it in - this is the first time I have ever felt like this - wow! Also feeling good today as I have managed to keep off the crisps for over a week!
  • Redhead

    Sounds like a good idea, it's great this has proved to be so popular.

  • I wondered why i was getting no emails for the Fat Club Forum. You all moved.

    Well went out on the new mountain bike last night. Now i have a very sore bum. As i only wore normal running shorts. Firends at work laughed and said get a proper pair of riding shorts.

    Going for a swim at lunch time.

  • You poor soul, Nic. I'm not laughing. Nothing funny about a sore bum!

    I can sympathise because I got press-ganged into an RPM class a week or so ago and was a touch saddle-sore afterwards. I've got a new bike in the garage (husband won it in a local newspaper competition) and haven't dared try it out yet. My old bike had a nice broad leather saddle. This one looks as if it will cleave me in two vertically if I sit on it.

    Enjoy your swim.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • A good saddle helps the saddle sore situation – a good be is the specialised body geometry range – For a MRB I would recommend the Comfort model ( they also do a women specific model)

    Make all the difference ;o)

  • I've heard that a natural suplement used in Japan called Chitinosan (a derivative from shellfish shells) can reduce fat absorbed by actively binding to it.
    Does anybody know anything about it?
  • Never heard of it Neil.
  • Yes, Neil, I've come across it. It's a substance extracted from the shells of crustaceans and is sold in health food shops as "fat blockers" or "fat binders" or "fat busters" or something like that.

    In test-tube conditions, it's said to be capable of persuading a little fat to bind to it and, theoretically, to be able to carry that fat through the gut unchanged. Sounds rather like the (equally overblown) claims made for wheat bran in the F-plan diet.

    The bottom line is that there isn't a scrap of evidence that it makes any difference to weight loss in real life. Save your money and buy a whole lobster instead.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I just wanted to share a personal first with you all.

    All the time I've been dieting and going to the gym/running I've always worn long or just below the knee pants and a baggy tee shirt. I know it sounds silly but I felt as if I could hide the fat a bit (silly woman!).

    Today I went to the gym in.......ta da....lycra shorts (well not too short, shorts!) and a running vest. Even better, I felt quite good in them. My next goal is to wear one of those crop tops that the beautiful people wear, without a spare tyre hanging down underneath (well I can dream.....)

  • For some reason I've never been in this forum before - I was 17st 12lbs at start of year I'm now 15st 12lbs. I still need to shift 20lbs so if you don't mind I will join you from here on.

    Not least of all because I had two all day breakfasts yesterday and drank several beers too!
  • Hi Mij. Know what you mean. I lost 2 1/2 stone last year and managed to put some back on. Its difficult once you get to shifting the really hard stuff, especially when you have a McFlurry habit to feed! Anyway, hope you enjoy this Forum, the craic has been excellent so far.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Mij and welcome. Lovely dog, glad he's the right way up now! Good weight loss so far, well done. You've made me hungry thinking about cooked breakfasts, YUM.
  • Thursday Report -
    A big fat 0! I just 'weighed in' and haven't lost anything! I thought I had been quite good all week, but looking back I did eat a lot last Friday, so that may have something to do with it. I had an induction at a new gym thismorning though, and on their scales I was 4lb less. I only ate a Special K cereal bar and drank 750mls water in between weighings (and went to the toilet twice!). Do you think that could have made the 4lb difference, or that one set of scales is wrong?

  • Oh no, I hate when that happens. I reckon one set of scales has got it wrong - certainly hope so! I use my gym scales for "weigh ins" on the basis that even if they are out they are always out! Apparently the best ones are the electronic ones, but I refuse to have scales in my house. But, look on the bright side, there was no gain, so your on track.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I hate the gym scales because you have to wear clothes and then subtract their weight. I always weigh myself at home, in the nuddy, before I've had anything to eat.

    Don't worry, it's just a difference in the scales/
  • Suz

    My gym scales put me at about 2kg heavier than the electronic ones I weigh in on at WW (which is why I prefer the electronic ones!) Don't be too disheartened - you didn't gain anything - which is always good!
    I've really tried to stop weighing myself anywhere else now, but the temptation can sometimes be too great!!
  • I've just realised I should have said the two breakfasts were 6 hours apart.

    I only use my home electronic scales whish also have a fat% calculation using a measurement of resistance to a small electric current. However I use them first thing in the morning and for some reason the fat calc is a little more erratic then.

    My gym's scales take nearly 7lbs off my weight - BUT they don't make me thinner!
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