any ladies training alone for flm

i have been accepted for the flm but was wondering if there were any other ladies out there training on their own who would like to correspond by e-mail about their training etc, help each other, encourage and so on, anyone interested e-mail me.


  • Hi donna, I have just been rejected for the 4th time but i will still be out there training, what area do you live in?
  • i'm in south east essex, i just read your other post and am feeling quite guilty, i'm a first time applicant and have been accepted, really sorry and do think it is quite unfair, do you have guaranteed entry for next year?
  • Hi donna, no i dont have an entry for next year, but at the moment i am looking for a gold bond place, its just lots more extra work trying to raise money as well as training.You say south east, any where near chelmford/colchester way? I would love to have someone to do the long 19/20milers once you get to that stage.
  • i'm pretty close to chelmsford, about half an hour away.
    sorry i meant to ask if you had a guaranteed entry for 2004, not as i put next year!
  • donna, what sort of time are you hoping for in the FLM. Have you ran it before? What im trying to find out really is how much slower im going to be than you HA HA and if we are roughly the same speed we could do some training together. What is you age and are you a club member? so many questions, but its not worth running with somone that you are not simular to in speed or abilty otherwise its not fair on anyone.
  • Hi Donna
    I am running the FLM. I have never ran a Marathon before and the running that I do is to stay in shape rather than a serious hobey. I think that it would be good to get some support via email!
  • Hi Girls - I'm also running FLM for the 1st time (Golden Bonds, still awaiting answer from FLM).

    I'm in Witham (not far from Chemlsford), not a member of a club (thinking about joining one) would love to do FLM in around 4.30.

  • Hi theresa, im also in witham, we will have to go for a run the more the merrier. my e-mail is please stay in touch
  • Hi Michelle, I'll email you later with my phone No. Would be good to have some-one to run with. It may be a few hours before I email, due to work (bloody pain).

  • i'm near great dunmow, i'm 37 and not a club member, i'm hoping to do it in 4.30 but think it will be nearer to 5.00
  • Maybe we could all meet up one week-end for a nice long run.

    Michelle and Donna are you doing the Witham Boxing Day 5 (or are you more sensible than me and boozing).


  • Hi,

    I'm not a lady (though I am training for FLM) and was just browsing the threads (as per normal). Can I just make one little suggestion, and please don't take this the wrong way - it's generally not a good idea to post e-mail addresses (or real addresses either for that matter) on forums, or any kind of chatroom - you never know what kind of nutters are out there and what kind of e-mail you might get. That's what the "e-mail member" service is for on this site.

    I hope this doesn't sound patronising, but there have been recent instances of forumites getting abusive mail from here, and if you're giving your address out to all and sundry, well....

    Sorry to be a party-pooper, I'm just trying to be helpful. Tell me to mind my own business if you want.

    On the other hand, I hope you all enjoy your training, and best of luck for FLM!

  • Hi guys, Longlegs, Norfolk Dumpling and I should all be doing FLM and we're from Colchester and Ipswich...
  • Thanks for the advise Mr A, and I'm sure it will be taken in the way it was meant as helpful, its just that everyone appears to be so nice and helpfuly on here, that you forget there are nutters out there.

    Once again thanks.

  • Hi, I've just been confirmed in the FLM, my partner has also, but I'm not convinced he'll be running it! I was lucky enough to run it last year also, I trained for 4 hrs. but finished in 4.30hrs. I did all my training alone last year, because it would have been hard to have fitted it in with the running club. Believe me, the long runs were just so difficult, my longest was 16.5 miles, and I don't think I'll ever forget how my knees felt afterwards. My partner was supportive, but I think you need to be doing the training to appreciate how difficult it is, and what a sense of achievement you get from a good run! I'm also an 'Essex Girl' and live and run in and around Billericay. We do have an excellent running club here, the Striders, but again, I think I'll be doing a fair bit of running alone because of my time schedule. I'd love to be in touch with other ladies in the FLM, for moral support as much as anything.......
  • Hi Pebbles, I'm sure for you're long runs (i'm so looking forward to this NOT)some of us could meet up one weekend or more. Whats the problem with your time schedule, if I'm not being too nosy which I am.

  • Dear friends - as a paranoid lady who loves her safety screech alarm - please be careful! Titles like this "lady running alone" are a magnet for nutters. Please remeber it is easy for someone to log on pretending to be a girl - sorry to put a dampner on things. Good luck with the marathon - I trained on my own last year and found the forum a great support.
    Good luck and be safe. Allison
  • Tired legs,

    I guess it's not a problem, but last year I (tried) followed the RW marathon training plan for sub 4, which meant running about 5 nights a week, at specific distances, speeds etc. Along with rest days it would have proved difficult to have fitted the schedule in around the running club. Also, I am sometime able to do morning running, so it was easier to go it alone. Mind you, the long runs were the ones which were tough, and yes, I think it would be great to meet up with fellow runners for those long runs......
  • Hoping to get in and would be interested in helping out with emails and training! Need some encouragement to keep going!

    Still waiting to hear though...
  • Hi girls! I live in Ware in herts, not too far from Dunmow (I went to school there!)... trained last year but got injured and had to pull out - bummer as I raised £2000 for charity and they don't hold your place over for the next year! Anyway, back having a go this year and would love to hear from any locals who fancy getting together for longer training runs after Christmas and races. I'm planning on somewhere around 4.30 hours 'ish!!
  • Hi guys

    I got in this year too. First marathon & am (somewhat) following the 4 hr schedule but will be happy to finish at all. 4.30hr would be good. If anyone wants to discuss training etc please feel free to mail.

    Happy running!!
  • PS I'm in south Manchester
  • Hi guys

    I got in for the FLM this year as well (again first time) and after the initial excitement am now feeling somewhat daunted by the prospect of what I have got myself into! Would love to chat about training schedules etc. I live in the Romford area and would also be interested in any long runs at the weekend. As far as speed goes, I did a half marathon the other week and completed it in 2 hours.
  • If anyone needs a training partner in the Chorley area please let me know. I will be aiming for 4 to 4 1/2 hrs
  • hi girls,

    i too do my running alone. i take my 2 dogs with me on the shorter runs for company, but they are greyhounds, the worlds laziest dogs and they sort of give up after half an hour!

    i ran the london marathon last year for the 1st time. i finshed at 5hrs 15mins which i was very pleased with as i'd only been running for a year before i applied.

    i'm in this year via a golden bond place for the charity i work for.

    my fitness has dropped in the last couple of months, and i'm cross with myself for letting my running sessions slide. well there is no excuse now if i'm in the marathon.

    my longest run before the marathon was 15 miles. i found it so hard as it was sooo boring! i don't know about other runners in the marathon, but last year i found the atmosphere was so amazing with bands and stuff to keep you going along the way it really helped, and despite running for 20mins before even crossing the start line time flew.

    my work commitments have altered this year, so i won't be able to run as often when its light. because of this i'm using a cross trainer and a HRM to make sure i'm working hard. its no subsitute for road running, but at least its helping with my overall fitness.

    i live in swansea, so if there are any others out there who'd like to keep in touch please let me know.

    good luck everyone with their training!
  • Hi. This is 'Hopeful of Worcestershire'!! Still don't know if I'm in or not but have decided to do the Shakespeare if i'm not doing the FLM. This means I'll be training at the same time (only two weeks apart) so would love to share experiences. If anyone is around Kidderminster/Stourport on Severn or Droitwich Spa and wants to link up for some longer runs, I'd be interested to hear from them.
  • Also running on my own (which I actually prefer as it gives me time and space to myself). Haven't heard yet about FLM, but will definetely enter Shakespeare if not!
  • Hi all.
    Still dont know if Im in FLM or not but if not Im planning on doing the Paris Marathon instead, so if anyone is in the South Manchester area,who isnt very fast but fancies company on a long run please e-mail me.My long run on Sunday was 10miles and took me about 1hr 45min.
  • Louise, am in Rainham if you fancy meeting up for a run. I've not got in this year but need to get back in training (having been out of action for a while) so e-mail me if you want to meet up some time.
  • I'm sure I looekd on here the other day and there was a message from Louise who said she lived in Romford, but I can't find the message tonight. Well, I live in Collier Row and i wondered if you are still interested in a running partner for the long w/end run. The most i have run so far is a 10K, if I'm not going to be too slow for you may be would could do a run?
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