Tuesday Session - 3rd December

Ho ho ho

what: 3 mile run/walk with Mrs 'Zilla who is showing considerable improvement in stamina and has even developed the appropriate pre-run whine...

Mrs G - "Why do i do this?"
Zilla - "I'll go on my own then"
Mrs G - "No, I want to come...."

- Recovery session for me

why: Nice change
last hard: sunday's 10km
last rest: yesterday


  • Hallo Godzilla

    Read on another thread that you're giving up smoking - hope it's going well.

    What: Nothing
    Why: Perpetual heavy cold (shan't give further green details...)
    Last hard - Sat
    Last rest - Don't! Pass me a tissue (sniff)

    Have a great day everyone
  • Howdy Folks!

    Hope everyone has recovered from there hectic running weekend.

    What: 10k = 2km warm-up followed by 12 x 200 metres @ speed 18 on treadmill with 200 metres recovery @ speed 10,followed with a 3km run @ speed 13.

    Why: Need to get some speedwork into my training prog.

    Last Hard: Id say today, as I went straight from doing a 12hr shift into this 10km run.

    Last Rest: Monday.

    Have a good one.............
  • what- 4x1m 1min jog rec
    1m w-up/down
    why - im sure its good for me
    last hard-sun
    last rest-sat
  • What: Speed session 5 x 6mins at faster than 10k pace with 2 min recoveries.

    Why: Been avoiding speed work due to dodgy knee - find this session hard work.

    Last Hard: Thursday

    Last Rest: Sunday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What - speedwork today.
    Why - It's good for me
    Last hard - Sunday
    Last rest - Saturday

    After a foggy start it was so sunny yesterday - all the ducks were quacking on the fjord with excitement ...
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    What : steady hour run ~ 7-7m30 miling
    Why : may race at Woking (2.85miles) tomorrow so just need a steady run + did speed session yesterday
    Last Rest : Friday
    Last Hard : Yesterday
  • Morning Everyone

    What : Fartlek
    Why : Gotta .. you just gotta

    Last Rest : Sun
    Last Hard : Sat
  • Morning all

    What 6-mile race pace
    Why Club handicap run

  • What: speed sesh in Regent's Park
    Why: start of marathon schedule
    Last rest: erm, all of last week!
    Last hard: I lie, hill session on Weds or thurs

    Back to work
  • WW

    Good to see you back running, hope it goes well. Our club runs a handicap competition which I am doing quite well in as it is my first year running and I've improved a fair bit since the handicap times were set. One more race to go this weekend, still waiting on the last races results, there seems to be some confusion as to whether the handicap times hould be adjusted for XC. I've found it a good motivator.
  • Hello, me lovelies.

    What: Run round my village til I decide to stop.
    Why: Racing on Sun, don't want to damage myself but do want to run far.
    Hard: Hmm... lots of gentles though!
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Happy running, all.
  • Right back to it today, going to Lancaster & Morecambe Running Club tonight, have to get my fat lardy @rse back into lycra and keep up the training, all this domesticity isn't doing me any good.

    Nice to have you back WildWill.
  • What: 10 mile fartlek with club
    Why: I ask myself the same question every Tuesday night when I'm drowning in an ocean of lactic acid.
    Last hard run: Saturday
    Last rest day: Monday

    Didn't do nowt on Sunday as viciously hungover, took Monday off as per usual, so feeling well rested right now. Probably a good thing since Keyworth Turkey Trot is this Sunday. Speaking of which are you coming to this one Drew?
  • morning, folks.

    what: 5 miles @ 6:55 pace
    why: recovery run
    last hard day: yesterday
    last rest: Sunday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Achilles, how can 6:55 pace be considered recovery??? Makes me feel soooooo slow!

    What: 3.6 miles recovery.
    Why: 4.1 miles tempo last night and legs are aching a bit.
    Last hard: Yesterday (well, hard-ish anyway).
    Last rest: Sunday - just no time last weekend to fit in a long run :-(
  • Morning all. Am going to make a big effort to do a bit of running & tell you all (if you're interested) as have just realised 10K is rapidly approaching on 22nd Dec & it's my last chance of the year to achieve my 2002 resolution of a sub 50 minute.

    What: Club run tonight, somewhere between 5-7 miles, could be hilly, always fast.
    Why: They'll all be on the phone if I don't go. Also need to hand over money for Xmas meal.
    Last hard day: Saturday 10 miles. Club mate turned up & insisted I run. Very glad I did, we managed to organise lots of Xmas present ideas whilst dodging horses on Epsom Downs.
    Last rest: Sunday.
    Last rest before that: Most of last week. Shame on me!
  • well done folks to all racers over the weekend, not able to post sooner as I ahd to help france eliminate its wine lake yesterday!

    What: Gym based execise to protect L knee
    why: trying to keep CV fitness to allow knee max recovery oppty
    last hard: sat X/C see below
    last rest : sun/mon

    Sat was my First X/C race for 20+ years, thought I'd share the experience since it did for my sunday Road 10k.

    Loop1 – a quick 400m up a slope and round a nice playing field to spread the field (you can see these things at the back – taking it steady to get a rhythm
    Loop2 – up the opening slope again, turn right through the trees, down/across the hill, dodge the branches, deep mud. Turn uphill to narrow stony, tree-rooted single file path (phew!), turn left 20m, long, long,long uphill (HR >95%), turn left and more uphill (dodge the rabbit holes). Hooray downhill, stretch legs , pace change is HUGE, handbrake turn Right into trees, S bend through the potholes, sidestep the trees across the hillside again and out onto the lower field, for more descent
    Loop 3 repeat loop 2, only slower uphill and downhill
    Loop 4 repeat loop 3, holding steady, got lapped on the downhill(!)
    Loop 5 repeat loop 4, hope to increase pace at the end but ... disaster, knee feels a bit wobbly so ease off and avoid final sprint, 40mns and 5+ miles is up.

    Breathless, maybe injured (later yes) but throughly enjoyable, glad I wore studs, probably finished in the last quarter. WHR avg 91%

  • afternoon all

    bit less wind (& rain) here today; but weather seems to be slowly deteriorating once more....

    what: quality session with Wirral runners
    why: it's Tuesday - about the most sensible answer I can provide

    last hard day: Fri
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: Hill reps + 40 minute turbo trainer pm
    Why: It's good to do something that you don't like doing (hill reps!).
    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last rest day: Saturday

    MM, won't manage to the Turkey Trot on Sunday due to family commitments. Have a good time. What sort of time are you aiming for? 1:22:45 'ish???
  • Hi,
    Do you mind if I join you?
    What - 6 miles, recovery (quite hilly though!)
    Why - Serious traing for FLM starts here
    Last hard day - Sunday
    Last rest day - Monday

    Thats my first visit hope i'll be welcome to join in through my training cheers.
  • what: 6 mile steady
    why: to get my heart started in the morning and set myself up for another fab day at work

    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: Monday
  • Drew,
    really sorry to hear you won't be at the Turkey Trot, was looking forward to rendering myself anoxic by trying to keep up with you for a few miles. I'm looking for at least a sub-1:22 and hopefully a sub-1:21 if the course is a little more forgiving than Worksop (as I managed a 1:22:15 at the latter over a course that I think was quite a bit harder than Robin Hood). I'll be sure and post the gory details shortly after the punishment ends on Sunday.

    Any other forumites heading for Keyworth on Sunday??
  • What: 4 miles
    Why: because I can and I want to
    Last hard day: saturday was long but not too hard
    Last rest Day: Yesterday
  • Sorry MM I wont be there, but interested to know what Drew would hope to do it in if you only plan to keep up with him for the first couple of miles with a 1:22.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Welcome Morriseyshc
    Thought I'd add a p.s. to my earlier post.

    Was going to do an easy/steady run,but having (eventually) got my FLM reject fleece I decided to get muddy.
    Did around 5-6 miles steady on sodden fields , including 6 reps alternating 2 mins fast/1 min slow jog.

    Felt much better when I got in.
    In a way its a blessing.Apr 13 is my big sisters 40th birthday and no doubt the Saturday will be reasonably alcoholic.
    This also scuppers my plans (was going to do Rotterdam) so I'll have to investigate alternative marathons.

    Leading the way at the moment are the midnight sun,Reykjavik,Chicago and, closer to home New Forest.

    Good to see you back WildWill.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Dustin - I was thinking of doing Reykjavík in 2003 as we'll be moving back to the UK in summer 2004 so it'll be my last chance to do it.

    Race ya to the finish (although, I suspect, you'd probably win).
  • Afternoon all,

    Some seriously fast sessions being posted today, hate Achilles who does recovery runs at 6.55. Just to get my own back I'm shortening morriseyhairychest to MHC, hello MCH, hope that's OK and welcome to the training thread.

    Tiger, that wouldn't be the Langdale 10K you're doing by any chance would it?

    Liked the xcountry report sfhlegs, but confirmed my suspicion that it has all the downsides of offroad (mud etc) but all the pain of a fast road run. Well done.

    What: 1 hr hillrun.
    Why: haven't been off road for 10 days, and it's not getting any drier is it?
    Last hard: Sun 10K
    Last rest: yesterday.

    I'm still gagging on the atrocious taste of the orange syrup/cod liver oil supplement I bought on impulse today seduced by the message that it's 'good for your joints'. Is this what generations of children have had to suffer then?
  • Okay, late today but I'll still post what I'm doing, which today is:

    What: Nothing
    Why: First proper post-injury run yesterday.

    Last hard: Upper body t'other day.
    Last rest: Today.
  • just an add on from earlier.

    Had a full body massage...........Heaven
  • Hi guys,

    What: gym 1.5hrs
    why: cos im stupid
    Last hard: yesterday 1hr speed session
    Last rest: Saturday

    Speedie, whos giving full body massages out?????
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